Wikipedia mark-up guide

Wikipedia Mark-up Guide

With this being a new concept to the forums, it isn't a shame not to not know how to update or add pages. This is where the guide comes in, it will let you know how to add pages, edit pages and format them to make them look a lot better.


To bold text simply use 3 apostrophes to bold the text , used like below they would look like this when used correctly.

'''Bold''' to achieve this:


It is a similar process to Italicize text, it uses the same principal of using apostrophes but uses a different amount

''Italicize'' to achieve this:


To Underline you have to use a different process, which is also a similar process if you wish to strikethrough text after making a mistake or wishing to amend something:

<u>Underline</u> or <s>Strikethrough</s> would achieve this:

Underline or Strikethrough

Sometimes you want parts of the text to either stand out or withdraw from the foreground to change the appeal of the page. To make text smaller and bigger use the following codes:

<big>BIG</big> or <small>Small</small> which would come out like this

BIG or Small

Linking other pages

When you want to link one page to another, it is simple. Say you mention the Premiership on a page you made. If you replace the word "Premiership" with, "English_Premier_League|Premiership" but inside the [[ ]] then it will become a link to the actual Premiership page.


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