What do sigames have to do

What do SI Games have to do to improve the game overall?

Even though the latest of the Football Manager series, Football Manager 2008 has been a major hit across the country and even across the globe, it still has things it can improve. After playing the Championship Manager 2008 demo (released by rivals, Eidos) i have been able to compare different parts of each game. There are parts of Championship Manager that would improve Football Manager, even if the regular FM player wouldn't admit it. For example CM have introduced a "run and feed" system into their tactics, FM would benefit from this, it would allow more indepth tactics for managers, which could be make or break for their managerial career.

There have been many suggestions into what SIGAMES should introduce into Football Manager 2009, for example people have been saying they would like a 'Be Chairman' option, more indepth than the current, 'Make me Chairman' option. The only problem with this is that the fans may get upset with possible delays as we are talking adding a whole new technical viewpoint to Football Manager. First the SI Team would have to make the system and test it out which could take longer than expected before it can be released. Football Manager took a massive step from Championship Manager 3 into Championship Manager 4, it added the expansion of a 2D pitch, but now it may have come to the point where it has been outgrown and they may have to update to 3D. However anyone can see their are still bugs involved in the 2D pitch, for example the bug known as 'Corner Tactic' where a centre-back can get 20 goals a season, is something needed to be fixed. If FM09 does get released with a 2D pitch, will they lose fans? Potentially it may be a problem for SIGAMES, with Eidos having released their 3D pitch already.

What can SIGAMES add that can potentially not have any problems in it's making? I think it has hit the point where they need to make that next step for their next release, with Football Manager Live coming out, and most likely to be another hit, it may give SIGAMES the upperhand over Eidos. The creator team of Football Manager need to be working on another big unique selling point, meaning the adding of a whole new feature. Giving the game a whole new aspect on management within the football management world. They've already made a step with Football Manager Live, making the game real-time management, the bidding for players and so on. With the new ability to make leagues for your team and your friends, rather than having to play teams made from the computer. To find out more about Football Manager Live, visit footballmanagerlive.net

Does the transfer market need an update? some people may say so and others may not, however i believe it needs to be made more in-depth. Such as you can ask a player from your side to try and convince another player to join your team. Something as small as that could make the transfer market more realistic. There is also the possibly of speaking to the agents of the players, as well as having more an insight on speaking to clubs. For example a good addition may be that your offering £20m for a player, when the selling club asked for £21m, you may say "this is all we have, we can't offer more" or something along those lines. Im sure everyone has had that moment of "crap, i just don't have enough funds." Whether it means they accept less, or agree that you will pay more when you get the money made availible to you.

So, what would you like to add to the next generation of Football Management? Do you think that FM and CM are becoming alot more competitive with each other? Which of those are currently leading the battle? Can one of them catch up to the other?

Written by Andy Rowlands (Andy4efc)

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