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[edit] What's it all about?

If you're struggling to get into games on Football Manager because you're finding it too hard, or you can't find that perfect tactic to go with your team, then this is the place to look. Hopefully, with the help of all of our members, we can build up a huge tactical bible which covers all the different areas of tactics (normal, attacking etc). The tactics are to be split into 6 sections, this is to make it easier for the person who's looking for a specific tactic.

[edit] Football Manager 2009 Tactic Index

[edit] Ultra Defensive

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[edit] Defensive

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[edit] Normal

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[edit] Attacking

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[edit] All Out Attack

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[edit] Football Manager 2008 Tactic Index

[edit] Ultra Defensive

Soccer small.png Download by At33q

This tactic shuts down the computers creative midfielders completely, they have no space to give killer passes as the two defensive midfielders tackling is "hard" (My defensive midfielders have good strength and tackling, so it does not result in a free kick to the other team) this results in an immediate counter attack to our team. The reason why i have "Pass through both flanks" is because i have pacey wingers, and they counter attack with the speed of light once we have possession. Basically, this is the secret to finally holding a one nil lead. This tactic also stops the computer from scoring late goals as well.

[edit] Defensive

Soccer small.png Download by Number_26

The tactic is Defensive based, and even though ive only tested it with Ajax, its been very successful so far. It relies on a sweeper, 2 centre backs, 2 wing backs, 2 defensive mids, 1 central mid and two strikers. The wingbacks must either have good pace or dribbling, in order to make forward runs and provide crosses. The one central mid pushes up as an attacking mid and generally someone creative would fit the bill here eg Kaka, Elano, Diego. The focus of the tactic is to defend and try get balls up to the strikers via the MC or Wing backs.

[edit] Normal

Soccer small.png Download

This tactic is a tactic without strikers and is really effective firstly when you are defending all your team gets behind the ball and makes it almost impossible for the opposition to score but when you get the ball you have so many attacking options but it is key your players have good decision making skills as the get quite a lot of time on the ball and players that are offside they don't get passed to.

[edit] Attacking

Soccer small.png Download by Turna08 This is a flat 4-4-2 formation with the wingers making forward runs. Having great wingers and a decent fast forward and your onto a winner, imo this Tactic works great with teams like, Arsenal and Man Utd.

Soccer small.png Download by Turna08

This Tactic is one of my best yet. Played 19 won 15 drawn 4 with Leeds United so far. Blocks out there midfielders and the wingers then counter attack, score lots of goals, and concedes very few. I have tried this with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leeds and Everton. ALL with great results.

Soccer small.png Download by Turna08

Just played a full season with Arsenal, only losing 1 game. I lost the League on Goal Difference but have now not been beaten in some 48 matches in the League.

Soccer small.png BoxFresh by Boxfresh2005

This is my attacking tactic that i have designed to play as many through balls as possible so u get loads of shots in on the keeper.

Soccer small.png Download by Sniper_Style

This is my attacking tactic he used to beat Man Utd 8-1 at home during only his second season. Has 3 in defense, but scores lots of goals.

Soccer small.png Download by Skamz

Using my Schalke FC team i have pretty good results with this. You can see a diagram of how it's set out a couple of pages back. Skamz won the League in his first season and got through to the Champions League 1/4 Finals.

Soccer small.png Download by DJ Greza

4-3-3 system I used for Man. City which took me joint top with Chelsea in the first season. Get one flairy striker and one CB with good heading and jumping, as he goes up for corners and can get up to 20 goals a season.

Soccer small.png Download by Arsenal4thetitle

This works for attacking sides i have only tried it with Arsenal but it is based on Arsenal's real life free flowing football. Enjoy.

Soccer small.png Download by Carlpeterdawson

Currently in 2015 with Liverpool, i'm using the 8.0.2 patch and i am having some great success! Try it and see !

Soccer small.png Download by DJ_Ones

The Tree Tactic was made by DJ_Ones, but as he's just passed his test he's out looking for a car. It's works like this... You have 20 shots per game and if you have a decent team will score about 3 to 4 games per game, the defenders also conceded very few. Works great for Arsenal.

Soccer small.png Download by Keano10

Its called force, and I would say it should be put in the Attacking section. It basically looks to get the ball into wide posistions, and when worked in combination with a tall striker and two fast winger with high crossing abilities, is unstoppable.

Soccer small.png Download by AidanOGrady

Tested with Celtic, this is 4-3-2-1 with two central attacking midfielders. left and right midfielders and defensive midfielder. A lone striker but can still get goals.

Soccer small.png Download by Riks12

Good old 4-4-2 Diamond with AMC's arrow going down to CM's position. I've used it in my all 3 games (Chelsea, Man City, Sierra Leone) and it's been very successful. Probably doesn't fit well to very creative and technical sides like Barcelona...

Soccer small.png Download by UltimaK

This is the Tactic that won 37 out of 38 games in the League. Enough said really.. although I would like to add though, the AMC behind the striker should be set to the playmaker, and who every is the lone striker should be dragged into target man.

Soccer small.png Download by SSJ4BROLY

This tactic won me the Uefa Cup in my first season with Blackburn and won me the Carling Cup and the Barclay's Premier League in my second season, It uses quick, direct attacking football also using a playmaker and has the corner tactic implemented into it.

Soccer small.png Download by Stu

Works Best with Southampton. It is best used with a good target man, and pacy wingers, a good playmaker will be good aswell.

Soccer small.pngDownload By Amin Ladki

works best with a Fast and composed striker and a very creative AMC. Won the league with liverpool twice with this tactic

[edit] All Out Attack

Soccer small.png Download by Keano10

This tactic aims to overload the oppositions box, and get as many men forward as possible. You must however have two pacey strikers, and a very creative team. It worked wonders on my Real Madrid save, winning me 3 Champions Leagues, and 3 Spanish league titles, in 3 seasons.

[edit] Credit

If you would like to know How to Apply these Tactics into your game you can find out how here

NB: Credit to member Turna08 for this tactic compilation.


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