Some Mythical FM Theories and Suggestions Explained

In light of my recent observational work on FM, I'm going to try and eliminate some of the theories posted here. All of the quotes are from the thread Things You Dislike about FM08.

quote seanc05

Not really much i dislike, tbh i hated it at first, but i beleieve it's easily the best one by far. My only *dislike* is when your say 3-0 up at half time, they come out and score early, and you just know your going to lose....lo and behold.....4-3!

That is almost certain to be your half time team talks. If in doubt change tactics to a more possessive tactic that works on keeping the ball and keeping things tight at the back.

quote Jack_MUFC

When strikers with decent finishing and composure completely *bleep* up a one on one.

Late goals.

Also when i have like 30 shots on goal and i score 1 of them, yet they have like 3 shots on goal and score 2.

I know that originally I agreed with this comment, and now and then this can happen, but you watch any football match, there are always mistakes. But partially, the ratio is still too high. But, not as bad as you might think.

quote Underated

When players stand on the ball for no reason, get tackled and the opposition score. Sometimes the shot to goal ratio can be appalling.

That can be changed in the individual player instructions I expect. As for the Shot to Goal ratio, check the answer above.

quote haza_111 I h8 how you will be winnig 4 0 against a crap team then they score 4 in the last ten mins.

Go to a lower, more defensive and possessive tactic. And you also need to check your half time team talks.

quote Mikey_RFC

a h8 it wen ur on a brilliant run then one of the relegation candidates beat u wen u clearly shld of won

Ignoring the text talk, this happens in real life. Man Utd were held at Boro not long ago, remember when they lost at Wolves?

quote mikespread88

When you completely dominate a game but don't score, then the other team score with their first shot of the match. Well bloody annoying.

Tactics need tweaking!

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