SS08 Kits (2009)

SS08 Kits
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Football Manager 2009 Kits


[edit] Examples

[edit] Installing the Kits

[edit] Installing Panel File

1. Go to the following location on your Computer:

C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009

2. Create a folder called 'panels' in your user data folder.

3. Download this file

4. Place 'kit panel.xml' in the 'panels' folder. (note: it's vital that you only place the file in the folder, not the folder to which it extracts. So just cut the file, and drop it in the folder called "panels you just created"

Launch Football Manager 2009.
When loaded go straight into game preferences from the intro screen.
Click on 'Display and Sound' on the tree menu.
Tick the check box on the page called "Always Reload Skin On Confirm" and untick then box saying "Use Skin Cache".
Now press confirm.

[edit] Removing Shadows from Behind the Kits

1. Download the default kits, and replace the kits in editor data directory (C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\tools\data editor\editor data\kits).

2. Create a default folder in the graphics folder where you have put your kits (My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\graphics\kits).

3. Copy the content of the kit folder in editor data (your first step) and paste it into the default folder.

4. Reload the game.

[edit] Download Links

[edit] Clubs

[edit] England
[edit] Germany
[edit] Italy
[edit] Portugal
[edit] Scotland
[edit] Spain
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