A story of my season is a thread where you make your progress with a team in FM into a Story, it can be based on a certain team, player, manager, fan, academy, ANYTHING that can be done in FM. Some follow a Storyline while most are about a team's season, which is probably a good starting block.

This is the collection of Stories that the members of Neoseeker have submitted over the course of this years version, below they are listed in alphabetical order of Story name, and are also tagged with the story of the week dates if the story has achieved this:


[edit] Football Manager 2010 Stories

Soccer small.png 'We're not Brazil, We're...' ~ shandy

Soccer small.png Forza Milan ~ Skadoosh

Soccer small.png The Academy of Asia ~ Burton Boy

Soccer small.png Neoseeker United ~ Jakeyd

[edit] Football Manager 2009 Stories

Sorry but there are currently no Football Manager 2009 stories available.

[edit] Football Manager 2008 Stories

Soccer small.png Absque Labore Nihil ~ sweenEy

From the same person who made Life After Lawrie, Absque Labore Nihil follows the journey of Celtic in 2005. But it's Stalybridge Celtic, going on bravely in the Nationwide North division - can they triumph against all odds?

Soccer small.png AFC Neoseeker - 'Stand up and be counted.' ~ Scfc ftw mal

Scfc ftw mal created his own database of fellow neoseekers who applied, this SOMS is about those players and theyre life in the Premiership. Will gaffer Jack Cipriani take his players from the park to the big time

Soccer small.png Alone & Scared - 'Living La Vida Loca ' ~ Star of Spurs (Story of the week 15/6 - 22/6)

Sam Doyle was an ordinary bloke, doing an ordinary job. Until one day. He woke up to find himself 7 years in his own past - July 7th, 2000. Trapped in someone else's life, he has to battle on - but football is not the only of his worries, as his past has deep secrets, ready to unfold.

Soccer small.png Aston Villa ~ Tomwatson

Soccer small.png Bad Rupert Lowe - Stu

Soccer small.png Blue is the colour, Football is the game.~ turna08 (Story of the Week 25/8 - 31/8)

Soccer small.png Blyth Spartans - Return Of a Legend ~ JohnCon 001

Soccer small.png Burton Boy's Manager Academy ~ Burton Boy (Story of the week 7/9 - 14/9)

Soccer small.png Crewe - Rejuvenation ~ Tweety Pie (Story of the week 23/3 - 30/3)

Behold, the unstoppable power of… Crewe? 50+ pages, 2 league titles and 3 cup victories in 4 seasons says otherwise. The Scouse Messiah Jon McKean has taken Crewe to the San Siro, to Anfield, to Wemberlee, how far can they go?

Soccer small.png Capybara - Secrets Of The Rainbow ~ Mitch (Story of the week 10/2 - 17/2)

Possibly the strangest tale ever told (and ever to win Story of the Week) contains a mysterious creature, namely a Capybara, as it faces some hurdles on it's road to victory, in sunny Argentina.

Soccer small.png Diary of a Professional Footballer ~ Jakeyd (Story of the Week 20/7 - 27/7)

With a hot prospect in Jake Doyle signalled out of Manchester City what can he achieve in the footballing world? He will work his way up the leagues to find success.

Soccer small.png England and Everton- Fighting on 2 Fronts ~ We won it 5 times

Soccer small.png England - Returning To Former Glories ~ The Believer (Story of the week 11/5 - 18/5)

Hard man Paul Ince takes the place of Steve McClaren in the England post, as the media portray the story. Willing to fight on, England want to reach the heights of 1966 - and go even further.

Soccer small.png Fulham: Life After Lawrie ~ sweenEy

The BBC cover Fulham comprehensively, as Lawrie Sanchez's reign ends. New manager, new times - can Fulham finally live up to the chairman's prediction - 'Manchester United' of West London?

Soccer small.png Invincible:Arsenal ~ Cristiano7 (Story of the week 8/6 - 15/6)

Silva. Cech. Fabregas. It's taken years, but possibly the best team ever in the history of football has formed, and they are calling the shots. Nothing can stand in the way of Arsenal - The Invincibles.

Soccer small.png Ipswich Town: Taking Them To The Promised Land ~ The Rock 13

Can Rocky Thirteen take Ipswich Town to the promised land? Find out here in this detailed match to match updates SOMS.

Soccer small.png Life of a MOTD CommentatorTM ~ Ryan144 (Story of the Week 1/9 - 7/9)

A very unique SOMS. As the name suggests, this SOMS will give you an insight into the life of a MOTD commentator.

Soccer small.png Liverpool FC: The Mighty Reds ~ xpronic

Xpronic brings another SOMS into the ring, and Liverpool is the destination. Adesola is a man on a mission - trying to turn Liverpool back to the glory times - but it's harder than it sounds.

Soccer small.png Luxembourg: mir euml lle bleiwe wat mir sinn. ~ Huzzer1851 (Story of the week 18/5 - 25/5)

Luxembourg fever is spreading across Europe, as a miracle is happening. The country of underdogs have a new hope, and new dreams, for the future. Attempting to go where no small country has gone before, Europe needs an underdog. And Luxembourg are ready.

Soccer small.png Mitch Presents; Cardiff City - The Firm ~ Mitch

Forget the football factory, this the real deal with the Cardiff firm setting fear into the hearts of every other firm in the footballing world. Watch as the "Bluebirds" take over the world.

Soccer small.png Neoseeker Football Academy ~ Kingspur Story of the Week 24/2 - 2/3)

Neoseeker members have been added into Football Manager as hopeful teenagers, with a Potential Ability of -10. Who will they do? Will they become legends, or will they never quite achieve their potential?

Soccer small.png Notts Co: It's not all Black & White with the Magpies ~ TheresOnlyOneKeano

Notts Co manager Ian McParland has moved on to Hong Kong. Pegguy Arphexad who had spent time at Notts Co on loan has been unveiled as the new manager. Will Pegguy's inexpereince cause them to be relegated or will his new managerial style get them to League One?

Soccer small.png Police Academy ~ mrpears (Story of the week 6/4 - 13/4)

With Tony Morgan's Policing career slipping away down the drain, he turns to football management to kill his depression. Now with the Met Police FC now in a Football League, things are looking up for Mr. Morgan.

Soccer small.png Spain: A New Era Under Liam Miles ~ theiceman99

Soccer small.png Tale of Trinity ~ Hogan_fmf (Story of the week 17/2 - 24/2)

Gainsborough Trinity. Who are they? Question that you are probably asking as you are reading this. This is Shaun Hogan's club. If you thing you've seen all of the 'rags to riches' ain't seen nothing yet.

Soccer small.png Tale of Trinity - Take II ~ Hogan_fmf

The Trinity are in crisis. They've lost the manager, and Hadji is nowhere to be found. The club are sinking like a stone from the Championship - but a strange Italian madman will soon change that.

Soccer small.png theiceman99's Neo Academy ~ theiceman99 (Story of the week 1/6 - 7/6)

Following a template set by Kingspur, Iceman's Neo Academy has decades of information on the lucky graduates who managed to find the way into the big league. Follow the highs and lows, as we look at what Neoseeker can do.

Soccer small.png Total Football | Attempt II ~ CRISTIANO7

Soccer small.png Wigan Athletic - Progress With Unity ~ The Power (Story of the week 6/1 - 13/1)

It's murder mystery with a difference, as it's a manager mystery. The first ever SOMS to be elected the title 'Story of the Week' award has Wigan struggling to stay in the Premiership, but are fighting on valiantly. Can you guess the manager?

Soccer small.png - Man Utd, return to rule the world once again ~ Thomo61

This Tale of mutiny as Sir Alex leaves Utd in a cloud of dust and a successor is found, But will they be crowned Kings of Europe?

[edit] Story of the Week

As you may well know, every week a story is selected by the moderators. It is given the title of Story of the week. It is then pinned at the top of the Stories forum and gets very good publicity. Does it sound appealing?

See if your SOMS got Story of the week.


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