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[edit] Introduction

Usually, people buy players with the intention of keeping them. But with some players, it's worth buying them even if you don't necessarily need them because of the profit you can yield from them. The following four players are all good youngsters who can be bought cheaply and sold for big bucks later on.

[edit] Pablo Piatti


This Argentinian teenager is an extremely accomplished midfielder. He's a quick, technically gifted player with an eye for a pass. Defensively he is poor, but this shouldn't be too much of a problem if you deploy him in his favoured attacking midfield slot. His lack of strength is slightly worrying, particularly in physical leagues like in England, but his other abilities compensate for this and he would get stronger if you adjust his training schedule accordingly, as he is only young.

Piatti can normally be bought off Estudiantes for around £200,000 (occasionally it's over 500k, but it never reaches £1,000,000) and will join teams in the lower leagues like League 1. However, this depends if there is interest from bigger clubs. His stats improve quite a bit, and if you play him regularly you can sell him for up to £10,000,000 a couple of seasons in.

  • Transfer price: £200,000
  • Wage demands: £1,200 per week
  • Future selling price: £10,000,000

[edit] Rene Mihelic


Despite his starting value of £240,000, you can sign him for roughly £100,000. Mihelic is an unspectacular but efficient attacking midfielder, and with a determination stat of 16 and an influence stat of 17, is also captain material. He begins as a good Championship player and grows into a good Premiership player, so is well worth a buy, especially as he will join teams in League 1. Again, this is dependant on whether more prestigious clubs come in for him.

Mihelic doesn't demand huge wages either. So I would suggest signing him because even if he doesn't play that well for you, as long as you give him some games other clubs will come after him in the second season with offers of around £7 million.

  • Transfer price: £100,000
  • Wage demands: £1,300 per week
  • Future selling price: £7,000,000

[edit] Balazs Dzsudzsack


Dzsudsack is a great attacking midfielder. At the start, I'd say he would be able to hold a first team place in lower Premiership sides. He has a decent amount of pace but his physical stats are nothing special. Nor are his mental stats that good; 15 is the highest (determination and flair). Technically, though, he is excellent. He can dribble, pass, he's got a good first touch, he can crack a long shot; he's got pretty much everything you'd want from an attacking mid. He can also play left wing but I think attacking midfield suits his style more. Dzsudzsack improves a lot, and by the second season is a good Premier Division midfielder.

At the start, he plays for a Hungarian team called Debrecen. In real life, he is now plying his trade at PSV, which is a measure of his potential. For this reason, he is only good on the original database. It shouldn't cost a lot to snap him up-£150,000 will normally suffice. By the second season, he will have attracted the attention of bigger clubs, and if you're lucky you can sell him for around £20,000,000. Amazingly, Tottenham once bought him in the second season of one of my games for £26,000,000! Big potential for profit.

Although you could sign him for a League 1 club, there will nearly always be a better alternative for him. But for lower Premiership clubs this boy is a must.

  • Transfer price: £130,000
  • Wage demands: £1,800 per week
  • Future selling price: £20,000,000

[edit] Mika Aaritalo


You probably haven't heard of this guy in real life, but in this year's edition he is football manager gold! Unfortunately, Aaritalo is only good on the original database. He's equally capable as a striker or a left winger. Some of his stats are random, but his biggest asset is his power in the air: standing at over six foot and with 19 at jumping, he's a force to be reckoned with. Mika is a very good all round player.

Like with the other players, you could tempt him to join you managing a lower league club, but it is unlikely you'd get him. He's happy to sign for the likes of Derby and Birmingham, and at around 100-200k, he's a bargain. Aaritalo begins as a decent Premiership player and improves drastically. Depending on his potential ability (it's random) he could become a leading Premiership player, but he'll always become at least a good one. You can sell Aaritalo for serious cash. He's the best of the lot in that respect. You can definitely sell him for more than £20,000,000 in the second season, and if you keep hold of him for another year or two, you'll no doubt get even more.

  • Transfer price: £200,000
  • Wage demands: £3,500 per week
  • Future selling price: £25,000,000

[edit] Conclusion

There are plenty of other profitable players in the game, but if you want the best ones I suggest you look at these guys. Buy them right at the beginning though, or you'll probably miss out.

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