Neoseeker FC 2008


[edit] Introduction

Neoseeker FC is a Football Manager database created by xpronic, where Neoseeker members apply to be part of an in game playable football team. It is one of the forum's most popular many annual events, with members coming together bringing down the big clubs of English football and showing off how good we really are.

[edit] Team Information

Nation England

Year Founded 2003

Status Professional

Reputation Continental

Chairman Status Loves the club

Favoured Personnel None

Fierce Rivals Arsenal, Chelsea

Other Rivals Tottenham, West Ham

Finances Rich

Estimated Value £212m

Stadium Neo Dome, London

Stadium Capacity 66000 all seater with under-soil heating

Pitch Dimensions Lenght: 107m, Width 70m

Maximum Pitch Dimensions Length: 115m, Width: 76m

Reserve Stadium Mini Dome, London

Training Facilities Top training facilities

Youth Facilities State of the Art Youth Facilities + Youth Academy

Continental Competition None

Media Prediction 7th

Squad Average Age 18

Squad Personality Very Determined

[edit] Members

Soccer small.png Goalkeepers

Neofc.png Jespomo
Neofc.png Jambo
Neofc.png Jamie Wynder
Neofc.png mattneiland
Neofc.png Mitch
Neofc.png James Lowe

Soccer small.png Defenders

Neofc.png Diouf Is Our Saviour
Neofc.png Lone Warrior
Neofc.png YeadingLad
Neofc.png toby21
Neofc.png Andy 4 efc
Neofc.png Harman
Neofc.png Danger
Neofc.png GregtheGreat
Neofc.png Number_26
Neofc.png The Rock 13
Neofc.png winter8905
Neofc.png YNWA_8
Neofc.png TheresOnlyOneKeano
Neofc.png Armadyl (Now Mosh)
Neofc.png jakeyd93
Neofc.png kEaNo10
Neofc.png Sam C
Neofc.png andydu1691
Neofc.png Hogan_fmf
Neofc.png Lazzara
Neofc.png SuperSimmo
Neofc.png Maski
Neofc.png Johnny Boi
Neofc.png Dannyido
Neofc.png Chelseaboi14
Neofc.png Adey

Soccer small.png Midfielders

Neofc.png Jackmh
Neofc.png ViNCeNZo
Neofc.png CRISTIANO7
Neofc.png Carlyon
Neofc.png Magikdonut
Neofc.png Nikeman 13
Neofc.png ilovefootball
Neofc.png The Power
Neofc.png xpronic
Neofc.png BraunJoh
Neofc.png The Shape
Neofc.png Wacky Jacky
Neofc.png Philip Ivanov
Neofc.png afedden
Neofc.png billsafc
Neofc.png sexondabeach
Neofc.png Super Spurs
Neofc.png baros 9
Neofc.png Derp
Neofc.png 01_benni blonde_10
Neofc.png madmandude
Neofc.png man united boy
Neofc.png Star_of_Spurs
Neofc.png We won it 5 times
Neofc.png Gunners4eva126
Neofc.png Sam
Neofc.png sweenEy

Soccer small.png Strikers

Neofc.png RobtheGooner
Neofc.png Validation
Neofc.png DanAndersonKRO
Neofc.png Magga
Neofc.png Underated
Neofc.png Dylan

[edit] Staff

  • Chairman
Soccer small.png William Gates
  • Managing Directors
Soccer small.png Donald Trump
Soccer small.png Alan Sugar
  • Assistant Manager
Soccer small.png Caio Mellow
  • First Team Coach
Soccer small.png Julio Gioscia
  • Coaches
Soccer small.png Angel Vilda
Soccer small.png Marco Rota
Soccer small.png Carlos Alberto Lancetta
Soccer small.png Julio Tous
  • Goalkeeper Coach
Soccer small.png Lido Vieri
  • Physios
Soccer small.png Rodolfo Tavana
Soccer small.png Rodolfo Moura
Soccer small.png Magnuss Forsblad
Soccer small.png Héctor Fabio Cruz
  • Scouts
Soccer small.png Andrés Vilas Boas
Soccer small.png Frank Upton
Soccer small.png Andrea Pastorello
Soccer small.png Aldo Cantarutti
Soccer small.png Roberto Battega
Soccer small.png Ayres Albuquerque

[edit] Download and Installation

Neoseeker FC can be downloaded from here. The download includes both the playable database and in game graphics. To install Neoseeker FC, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Database Update folder and then move the Neoseeker FC 2008 folder to "My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\db".

2. Open the Kits and Logo folder and then move the Neoseeker FC 2008 folder to "My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\Graphics".

3. Load Football Manager 2008 and click New Game. Select Neoseeker FC 2008 from the database list, and click OK.

4. Select England and any other nations you like and click on OK.

5. When the game is created, Neoseeker FC can be found in the English Premiership.

[edit] Links

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