This is the list of current members helping out on the NeoWiki, is you don't see yourself here, then add yourself and a little bit of information so we know a bit more about you!!


[edit] B

Soccer small.png benrollo1

I'm what Willis was talking about.

[edit] C

Soccer small.png Carlyon

My name is Ben, I am 16 and from Hertfordshire. I enjoy playing football with mates, I also spend a fair bit of time on my laptop doing various things (normally Football Manager related). I am currently in year 12 at school studying maths, economics, ICT and physics.

Soccer small.png Cydonia

I'm Matt, 17 and live in a small town near Darlington. I'm about to go into my second year of College studying Psychology, Law and ICT. In my free time I like to play football with my mates, going out down the town, listening to music and going to watch Middlesbrough.

[edit] D

Soccer small.png Daniel_Smith

Hey, my name is Daniel Smith :o I bet you never guessed. I'm 14, but 15 in September. My main interests are Football and Squash, and I try to play these two when ever I can in my free time, but I find playing football much easier. Other then that I enjoy hanging around with my mates, going out to bars and clubs, or just relaxing.

Soccer small.png Delexo

Hello. I'm Delexo also known as Simon Amstell. I host a comedy pop quiz on BBC 2 on Thursday nights. It will soon be returning to your screens.

When not filming or doing stand up, I study Media Studies, IT, German and Art at my local school. I'm younger than I look.

Soccer small.png Derp

My name is Max, I was born in Szczecin, Poland but I now live on the South-Coast of England in Sussex. Before moving to the south I lived up north in Gateshead, and whilst living there I developed a love for Newcastle United. I'm 17 years of age and I have just started my second year of college studying A Levels in P.E., Human Biology, Psychology and Media Studies.

Soccer small.png Dylan

I came, I saw, I edited. Oh yeah, and he touched.

[edit] E

[edit] F

[edit] G

[edit] H

Soccer small.png hambam4

Soccer small.png Helium Apocalypse

Hi, i'm Helium. I live near Leeds and am currently in Year 11. I enjoy listening to music, writing, goimg out with my mates and going on the computer. I support Man Utd (you can thank my dad for that) and my favourite nation footballing wise is Croatia. Oh, and by the way, I raised you all. (play on words tbh)

Soccer small.png Hogan_fmf

Hi, I'm Shaun Hogan, descendant of Hulk Hogan, I enjoy playing football manager. I live in Liverpool, I won't nick any of your players on FM, don't worry, but I hope we all have a nice time here and can enjoy the occasional tea and biscuits now and then.

[edit] I

[edit] J

Soccer small.png JackC

OHAI, My name is Jack. Ive been around the FM forums since the end of FM06 right through to FM08. I am currently studying Business Applied in a town just on the outskirts of Leeds. I avidly enjoy going out with my mates, and playing FM. Obviously.

[edit] K

Soccer small.png Katastrophe

Hey, I'm Katastrophe, or George. I'm 16, and I'm from south west London. I've currently just finished my GCSE's in English, maths, science, physical education, religious education, geography, IT and Drama, and going onto my sixth form to study my A-Levels. I've been playing the CM/FM manager series since the days of CM 03/04, but joined Neoseeker around middle of the FM 09 forum;(Dec 2008). I'll probably update the Wiki quite a lot from now, so expect to see me around on both the forum and on here!

[edit] L

[edit] M

Soccer small.png ManUtd Fan123

Hey, my real name is Rich and i've been around Neo a few years now. I live in Dewsbury, W.Yorks which some of you may have seen of the news for a few bad reasons, but its not as bad as it's made out. I have just left school and i'm moving onto College to study Media, Business, English and ICT. I will be 17 in September. I support Manchester United and will travel to South Africa next month to see them for the first time in a few years.

Soccer small.png Mitch

Hey, my name is not really used(my real, REAL name) but most people call me Mitch. I live in a small Welsh town in Pembrokeshire. I'm not really your typical Welsh person either, I don't rape sheep, I don't constantly call everyone "butt" and I don't live on a farm. I'm currently 19, a school and college dropout and like Stu, work in a Woolworths!

Soccer small.png Mocking Alvin

Howdy, i'm Alvin, but you can call me Dave. I'm 19 and i currently reside in Glasgow, Scotland, and support Rangers. I don't really do anything right now. I am technically studying English Literature and Politics at university, but i'm hardly ever there, and only just passed my first year exams. I also do not work because i am too lazy, and am therefore do not have to pennies to my name. This makes for the perfect Football Manager player...and NeoWiki contributor i suppose. :|

[edit] N

Soccer small.png Nikeman 13

Hey , my name is Nikita . I'm 14 and i like football . Playing it and watching . Ive been playing FM since FM07 but i have played older versions like CM 03-04 . I support Manchester United and i will travel to England , Shrewsbury to take a part of a football tournament .

[edit] O

Soccer small.png The Old Revolution

Hey, my name's Joel. I live in Victoria, Australia and I've been a member of Neo for a couple of years. I've had various accounts but I am sticking with this one. I'm 17 years old and in Year 12. I'm a Manchester United supporter and have been for a long time. I'm a big fan of Football Manager and play it quite often.

[edit] P

[edit] Q

[edit] R

Soccer small.png Richardlfc

I'm Richard, from Tamworth which is on the outskirts of Birmingham. Recently just turned 16 and am in year 11 at school, having finished my GCSEs, I will be heading into 6th form in September. I like going out to town, listening to music, playing games and partying.

Soccer small.png Roberts 99

Hows it going? Im Jack, I'm 13 years old and I've just recently moved to Ipswich. I love playing football, cricket and of course FM. I support Manchester United and I used to play for Ipswich academy but I gave up! I currently work as a Paper Boy! See ya.

[edit] S

Soccer small.png Scfc Ftw Mal

Hey, im Jake, aka. Mal, Wombat or Mallino. Most call me Mal. I'm 16, Finished school the other day, and feel very relieved that I have. I'm always on the FM forum, and sometimes go on other Neoseeker forums. In general I'm a nice lad, even if I say so myself XD. Oh, and one other thing Stoke for the premiership!!

Soccer small.png Star_of_Spurs

Hello, SOS here, aka Sam. I'm 12 and I live near London, and I'm a keen Spurs fan as you can probably see. I love Peep Show, Doctor Who and Torchwood, so if you ever wanna chat, I'll be mainly on FM forums, Lougin' and sometimes the Spore forums. Also, call me Sam. I don't like people calling me Star_of_Spurs. Oh, and just to get this out of the way, I AM NOT SUPER SPURS, NOR AM I STAR OF SUPER SPURS.

Soccer small.png Stu

Hey, my name is Stu and i live in Southampton. I am 17 years old, and soon to be 18. Spend alot of my time playing Football Manager, im addicted. I support both Southampton and Chelsea, and yes, i can support two teams. Always around on the FM08 forum aswell as a few other forums. Currently work at Woolworths..

Soccer small.png Super Spurs

Hey, I'm Super Spurs, but please, please call me Joe. Despite my painful naming, I'm an avid fan of Exeter City, and I can always be found in the Big Bank on a Saturday/Tuesday and I try to make as many away games as possible. I live in a village about 10 miles from Exeter, I'm in Year 9, soon to be Year 10 (making me 13, soon to be 14), my GSCE Options are Psychology, Drama, ICT and History. I love reading, writing, sport and music. English is one of my strongest points. I captain my local 6-a-side team, Cheriton Fitzpaine AFC and we play in the majority of local tournaments, though we may be entering a league soon. Wasn't that fun...

[edit] T

Soccer small.png The Believer

I'm just me.

Soccer small.png toby21

Probably the coolest guy on Neoseeker by a country mile. I keed. [ish =p] Toby Idris, 16 years old, and reside in South East London/Kent. Love my music, sports and nights out with the guys. Just finished my GCSE's in Maths, English, Science, Applied Business, Drama and Physical Education. Fingers crossed for when the results come out. :D

Soccer small.png The Rock 13

Well I haven't actually edited anything yet but I love FM and the forum and will start editing. I'm also a wiki contributor for Smackdown!

[edit] U

[edit] V

Soccer small.png Validation

Hi, i'm Peter from Essex and i support Southend United. Currently 15 but will be 16 in a few months. I spend a little less time than i used to playing Football Manager, but i still play it a lot. I will sometimes be on the forums, sometimes not. I like listening to My Chemical Romance, dEUS and Simple Plan to but name a few. See you round.

Soccer small.png ViNCeNZo

Ahoy, I'm Vincent, and I live in a town called Zeist, in Holland. Been around since the CM 03-04 Forum and have been playing the series since the very first release back in 1992! For a living, I work with mentally and visually disabled people. Well, see you around! :D

[edit] W

Soccer small.png We won it 5 times

Hi, I'm Tom, usually known on there forums as as WWI5T. I've been on these forums since mid 2007. I live in a small town near Liverpool, and I'm in year 9, next year I'm taking History, Geography, ICT and Business Studies.

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