Markus Henriksen

Lukás Hrádecký
Date of Birth25.7.1992 (17 years old)
Place of BirthTrondheim, Norway

[edit] Background

Markus Henriksen is a 17 year old Norwegian footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for Rosenborg in the Norwegian Premier Divison. He proved himself early as an exciting midfielder with a well developed understanding of football. In addition, he had good basic skills and a very good endurance. He made his debut 10 May 2009 in a cup game against Gjøvik-Lyn, and debuted in the Premier League against Sandefjord 20 September 2009. During the autumn, he played enough games to become champions with Rosenborg in 2009, at the age of just 17 years. The following season he got his breakthrough when he became a regular fixture at Rosenborg A-team under Erik Hamrén and was allowed to continue when Nils Arne Eggen took over. He has since been scouted by top European teams such as AC Milan, Werder Bremen and Real Madrid.

[edit] Football Manager 2011

In Football Manager 2011 it is very clear that Henriksen is a extremely talented young midfiekder. He is already a established 1st team player for Rosenborg, my Ass Man says he has the potential to become a leading Premier Midfielder (5 star potential) and I believe with right training he could become a top midfielder for any European team. His main strength is his ability to pick out a perfect pass thanks to his stats in 16 in Passing and 15 in Creativity and also 15 in First Touch. I believe if you sign him in the Premiership then he will come in very useful for fighting relegation or pushing for mid-table. He will just get better and better every season and thanks to his young age of 17 at the beginning of the game you will get many years of wonderful service out of him as he will become of the best midfielders in the game by around 2013/14.

I believe you will be able to pick him up for around £3M to£4M

[edit] Screenshots

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