Jonathan Zebina

Jonathan Zebina
Date of Birth19th July 1978
Place of BirthParis, France
National TeamFrance


[edit] Football Manager 2009

Jonathan Zebina is a 30 year old Right Wing back who currently plays for Italian giants Juventus. He is of French nationality and has 1 National cap to his name, I feel he is quite unlucky to only ever been capped once by his country. He is not the best known French defender but he does possess a lot of talents that can make him a worthy singing for most sides.

Jonathan finds himself transfer listed at the start of the game which obviously makes signing him a whole lot easier. He is valued at just over £2million however a bid in the region of £1.2million should be enough to secure the services of the French full back. In terms of wages, he will ask for between £12,000 to £16,000 per week.

Zebina is the type of defender who likes to get forward and join in with the attack as much as possible, if you think of the way people like Marcelo or Gareth Bale play then Jonathon has a similar playing style. However as he is a defender he is obviously required to put in tackles and do the dirty work and he is very capable of putting in a good defensive shift. As he has just turned 30 he is a very experienced player, it is unlikely that he is going to improve in the future but he can certainly still do a job for your team and with a wise head at the back it will do your defence no trouble.

[edit] Strengths

The good points about his game:

Bravery: 18: Jonathan is not one to be afraid and he will go into 50/50 tackles with bravery and the determination to win the ball for his side. This bravery attribute also shows how determined he is to do well as he is willing to do anything in order to see his side perform well.

Tackling: 17: As he is a defender then obviously he is going to be needed to put in some tackles and he can do this very well for your side. Many people know of Jonathan due to his attacking play however the defensive side fo his game should not be overlooked as he can put in some great match winning tackles.

Crossing: 16: He loves to cross the ball and I recommend asking him to cross the ball from deep, from this he can chip in with a number of assists over the course of a season. With him flying down the right side of the park with the ball it is good that he does have an end product in his game unlike some full backs/wingers.

Work Rate: 16: This just epitomises everything the guy is about, he is willing to work hard for his team and this is something that really does come across well from his performances and avergae ratings on the game. Always willing to give his all for the team and deserves a lot of credit for that.

Other notable strengths include, Balance (18), Anticipation (17), Technique (16)and Positioning (16).

[edit] Weaknesses

Some bad things:

Natural Fitness 2: This is a worry and I recommend having a capable stand in full back for the games that Zebina may miss due to not being match fit. However for my team he managed over 37 performances in one season so he won't be missing all that much!

Corners 7: Not the best at taking corners however you would want Jonathan in the box offering a physical presence anyway. At over 6'2 he does offer a decent presence in the box.

Influence 9: Zebina is not a natural leader it's clear to see this but I am sure this won't cause a major problem to you as if you are going to sign him then you will or should all ready have a decent captain at the club.

Penalties 9: How many full backs do you see taking penalties anyway? Not the worst penalty taker in the world however he should not be your spot kick taker!

[edit] Conclusion

I would say that Zebina is one of the most consistent players I have ever worked with on Football Manager. For the money I paid for him and the service I received, I was delighted with him. I have paid a lot more that £1.2million for other Full backs who have not been as impressive as Jonathan was for me. He averaged around 7.30 in his first season for me and was in the SPL's team of the season at right back. He is a very reliable player at the back and you can always rely on him to turn up to important games, he can also chip in with a fair amount of assists throughout the course of a season and scores a few headers from corners as well. He can also pick up a lot of well deserved MOTM awards.

Written by Chelski.

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