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[edit] Gretna Football Club

Gretna is a former Scottish Football club that is not on any football manager beyond the 2008 division. Gretna went into administration on 17 May 2008. Gretna later went into liquidation which spelled the end of the club. Gretna climbed up to the Scottish premier league after consecutive promotions from the Irn Bru 3rd Division.

[edit] Brookes Milestone

Brookes Milestone was the former owner of Gretna. Brookes bought Gretna's way into the SPL, but evidently pumped too much money into the club and later stated he was no longer willing to keep the club afloat. Brookes took Ill and led to a whole new problem at the club

[edit] Wages and Court Case

When Brookes Milestone was diagnosed with his mystery illness and taken into hospital, chaos struck at Gretna, which was eventually to lead to the end of the club. Players wages went unpaid for weeks, and Carlisle United, whom Milestone once tried to buy, were suing Milestone for a sponsorship deal he allegedly promised them. Milestone was however excused after a Doctor said

"He is slow, retarded and would be compromised in giving instructions or in understanding legal advice."

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