Getting Bored Quickly

Getting Bored Quickly By Chelski

I have decided to write an article on why people might tend to get bored of a game and use some of my experiences, which might reflect some of yours as well. Firstly I have started around 6 games on Football Manager 2009 and have not really settled into any of them, I would not say it’s because I am not a good manager or anything like that maybe it was just a stupid team choice.

One reason for quitting a game so soon is because you want instant success and you are not the type to work at a team and build on a team. You start a game off and come back onto a Football Manager forum and look at other people who are in the year 2020 and you want to be there straight away and get the same success they have got only for you to load it up and find it’s not as easy as that person made it look. Maybe a really poor run of form could be the symptom. I am guilty of this particular feat myself. I was Everton on my very first game and I found myself sitting in a relegation spot after 10 games. I simply thought I can’t do this and I am not willing to stick it out. Looking back I wish I had carried on that game as you have to take the good times with the bad and as the saying goes you cant win them all. Moving on with the Article, you could be guilty of quitting a game simply after not being able to sign the players you craved. So you start a new game in hope you will succeed in getting them. This is pretty silly in all honesty, there are hundreds of thousands of players, and it’s all part of FM to try and wheel and deal like Harry Redknapp!

Now there could be some ways that could get yourself back into games. One way I got back into a game was going my local team and the team I support Kilmarnock FC. A reason you might find going your local team better is that you know the team inside out and maybe have your own ideas on how to improve the team as you go to games on a regular basis. I really do recommend going your local team as a way of sticking to a game as after you have finished that game, you gather more confidence to go on and manage elsewhere as you have the experience. Another way possibly to get back into a long run on the game is by competing in a challenge. You will be able to compare results with others doing the challenge and you feel you are playing the game for a reason and are desperate to do your best so you have full concentration on the game. Plus it gets the social aspect of FM going, and interacting with others is always great fun!

So next time you start a game just think Rome wasn not build in a day, success for you and your team can come over a period of time and the harder you work the better your game will be. If you buy youngsters who look like great prospects then wait for them to get to there prime and you will be able to say that was me! I spotted this player and look at him now, you will get a great feeling from this.

Thanks for reading this brief article, and next time stick with your team through the good and the bad!

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