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[edit] Free Transfers

Theres nothing better to bolster a paper thin squad than a free transfer- all managers, from Premier League to Blue Square Premier, keep an eye on the free transfer market, hoping to snap up a gem for nothing. When a players contract expires with a club, he becomes available on a free, or a "Bosman" transfer. From Ballack to Bramble, hundreds of players move clubs on free transfers at the end of every season. However, players with 6 months or less remaining on their contracts are allowed to talk to clubs from abroad, and even agree deals, before their current contract expires. Free transfers carry a much lower risk than normal ones, because the only fee you have to pay is the players wage, and if the player flops, they can probably be recouped by selling on the player to another club. Here are some of the best free transfers you'll find on Football Manager 2008.

[edit] Sergey Ignashevich

Sergey Ignashevich.JPG

Ignashevich is still at CSKA Moscow at the start of the game, but you can approach to sign him for nothing because he is on a month to month contract. A player capable of doing a job for most premier league clubs, with the big 4 perhaps an exception, Ignashevich is a must buy for top flight bosses looking to add cover to their defence, or maybe even as a regular starter. However, there is always plenty of interest in the Russian, so it is advised to snap him up fast! Naturally he is a centre back, but has no problems slotting in at right back if needs be. Good defensive stats, with 16 for marking, 15 for heading and 14 for tackling, and an influence of 20 which shows his leadership on the field. He is also fairly fast for a centre back, with pace of 14 and acceleration of 13- nothing spectacular, but strikers shouldn't burn past him.

Wage Demands- £22,000 per week

Will go to- Top flight clubs in major European leagues.

Version Available- 8.0.1

[edit] Steve Marlet


The experienced French striker, who has appeared for Lyon, Marseille, Wolfsburg and Fulham, amongst others during an illustrious career, as well as winning 23 caps for France, may be past his best, but he can still do a job in the Coca-Cola leagues. Surprisingly for a 33 year old, he still has a fair bit of pace, and does not seem to specialize in any particular area of striking. Good in the air, on the ball, and a decent finisher, he is an all-round good player, and should be near the top of the scoring charts in the leagues just below the Premiership, and could possibly do a job as a squad player for bottom half premiership teams.

Wage Demands- £5,000-6,000 per week

Will go to- Top end league one clubs and above.

Version Available- 8.0.1, 8.0.2

[edit] Sean Coburn


Heres one for LLM, the outstanding Sean Coburn. Willing to drop down to the blue square regional leagues, Coburn should run rings around the defenders, and is capable of playing a couple of tiers up as well. With passing and crossing ratings of 14, 12 for dribbling and 11 for technique, he is a must have for Blue Square clubs. And, to top it off, he is a set piece expert, with 16 for free kicks and 15 for corners. He is not lightening quick, but doesn't need to be with such technical ability. The small Englishman should be allowed to play in his best position, on the right wing, not least because he is almost exclusively right footed, and needs to get crosses into the box. With a big target man upfront to knock them in, scoring goals should be no problem.

Wage Demands- £100-150 per week

Will go to- Almost anybody, including Blue Square North/South clubs.

Version Available- 8.0.2

[edit] Dado Prso


The ex-Croatia international is in a bad state at the start of the game. Out for up to a month with strained knee ligaments, and cannot play club football until 1st January 2008. However, if the striker is nurtured and kept in decent shape, he is a good player. Powerful, brave, hard working and good in the air, he is the obvious choice for target man. However, he can play a bit too- his dribbling is 16, finishing 14., and technique 15. It is certain Prso will give his all for the cause, and few players on the pitch will have more desire to win than the former Rangers striker. Alongside a pacy striker to feed off his flick-ons, Prso could make a lot of goals in the Coca-Cola leagues.

Wage Demands- "2,000 per week

Will go to- League One and above

Version Available- 8,0.1

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