[edit] What We Expect

Although we are selves are still adjusting to life on the Wiki's after moving from the portals, there is still a certain code of conduct we expect when writing and submitting new material. All articles should use correct spelling and grammar for a start, we can excuse the odd mistake, but if you continuously submit items which are written poorly, then not only will your work be deleted, but we may also ban you from submitting.

Your work should also be clear to read and you should make use of the NeoWiki coding available to achieve this. Again, like you we are still adjusting to this ourselves, but you can see our work has some shape to it and so this is a basic platform to what you should be striving towards.

Since this is a Football Manager based Wiki, it is also important your work is relevant, don't go thinking its funny or cool to submit something irrelevant to the site as this will just end in trouble. Be smart, or stay out.


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