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Football Manager Live
Football Manager Live Boxart
Developer(s)Sports Interactive
Release Date4th November 2008 (Download)
23rd January 2009 (Boxed Copy)
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[edit] Pre-release info

Football Manager Live is a multiplayer online version of the popular game Series Football Manager, created by Sports Interactive. The game was announced in April 2007, giving plenty of time for the Beta trials, and the actual game was released on the 23rd of January 2009. A monthly fee will be needed in order for players to participate. In the game, players are put into a game world which can contain as many as 1000 other players, where they create a fake club and bid for real life players to join them. For every month in the game world, players age one year, meaning a year in the game world would age a player by 12 years.

[edit] The Game

Once the game has started, you are asked to design your club- you select a club and stadium name, and design a kit. Then, you are given a squad of players, most likely all low profile and quite poor players. However, as the game goes on and your funds increase, you will be able to bring better players into your side. You also join a "Football Assocciation", which decides what league you will play in.

[edit] Trailers

[edit] Clean Version

[edit] Adult Version

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