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Football Manager Handheld 2008 is the third ever game in the FM series on a handheld console, and Sports Interactive's third ever handheld game. Due to the obvious hardware constraints of the PSP platform this game is a cut-down version of the standard FM 2008, with a choice of just 10 playable nations and a total of 33 playable divisions {Below}.

As Football Manager Handheld 2008's new skin and lay-out makes it easier to navigate for Football Manager players, the addition of a reserve squad in Football Manager Handheld 2008 doubles the amount of squad members players can use. The player can now also customise their tactics and share them with their friends. Football Manager Handheld 2008's match engine is Faster as well; meaning gamers spend more time playing and less time waiting around for it to load than the previous versions.

While, FMH is known by many as an highly addictive management sim and at first it may be seen an hard to master game with the transfer system. But, once you have played it for a while and got to learn the basics, you can quickly get many players for good prices who are young, and can be developed into future stars for your team e.g. Bojan.

Football Manager Handheld 2008 offers you the option to view how your managerial record compares to the other managers in your country and from other nations. The Hall Of Fame shows you the top 100 managers in your country and International Managers, this gives you the option to see how good you are as a manager and helps you have more when you apply for other jobs.

Manager Jobs is the place where you can keep up to date with how the other managers around you are coping with their club. It gives you the name of the Club, the managers name, the divison they are in, how the clubs finances are (Okay, Secure, Rich etc.) and the managers security (Very Insecure, Okay, Insecure, Safe, etc.). The top of the list will show you the Very Insecure managers if there are any, and the bottom of the list will show you the managers who are safe with the clubs they are at.

When you begin to manage a new club, whether it be at the start of a new game or you join a new club, the Board will have certain expectations of how the club should fair in the time period that they state. The better the team the higher the expectations. The board may expect you to achieve success in all areas, or may only want you to survive in the league you're in. You can also request different things from the board, for example; You can request a bigger transfer budget, extra funds for wages or extra time to rebuild the squad. The board will also give you a monthly review of how you're performing in your role. It will give you a note on how the board are feeling about you as manager and how the financial status is.

With Unlockables you can quickly make it to the big time, as a 'Sugar Daddy' or perhaps no transfer windows is your style. As well as this with the editor you can edit and/or download the up-to-date files or create dream teams or anything else which tickles your fancy.


[edit] Playable leagues

There are a total of 33 playable leagues in this game, from 10 different nations.

[edit] Australia

   * Hyundai A-League 

[edit] Belgium

   * First Division
   * Second Division 

[edit] England

   * English Premier League
   * Coca Cola Championship
   * Coca Cola League One
   * Coca Cola League Two
   * Blue Square Premier

[edit] France

   * Ligue 1
   * Ligue 2
   * Ligue National 

[edit] Germany

   * Bundesliga
   * Bundesliga National
   * North Division
   * South Division 

[edit] Holland

   * Dutch Eredivisie
   * Eerste Divisie 

[edit] Italy

   * Serie A
   * Serie B
   * Serie C1/A 
   * Serie C1/B 

[edit] Portugal

   * BWIN Liga
   * Liga Vitalis 

[edit] Scotland

   * Scottish Premier League
   * Scottish First Division
   * Scottish Second Division
   * Scottish Third Division 

[edit] Spain

   * La Liga
   * La Liga BBVA
   * Second Division B1
   * Second Division B2
   * Second Division B3
   * Second Division B4

    • League names may vary in the game

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