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FMH Stories

A Story of my Season (more commonly referred to as a SOMS) is the story of your game on football manager handheld. You do not have to write it as a manager- you could write is as a manager, a fan, a binman- whoever you want! The majority of stories are simply about a season, usually using text with pictures to aid it, but your story doesn't have to be just about football.


[edit] A

[edit] B

[edit] C

Soccer small.png Chelsea SOMS ~ Stu

[edit] D

Soccer small.png Dannyman's Arsenal and Holland SOMS ~ Dannymac

Soccer small.png Dec7's SOMS ~ Dec7

Soccer small.png DJA9 SOMS ~ DJA9

[edit] E

Lukaboi's England SOMS ~ Lukaboi

[edit] F

[edit] G

[edit] H

[edit] I

[edit] J

Soccer small.png JohnCon001 Aston Villa ~ JohnCon001

[edit] K

[edit] L

[edit] M

[edit] N

Soccer small.png Neo FC - New Dynasty? ~ liverpool x1

[edit] O

[edit] P

Soccer small.png PeteTheRovers SOMS ~ petetherovers

[edit] Q

[edit] R

[edit] S

Soccer small.png SLs Stolen SOMS ~ SecretLegend

[edit] T

[edit] U

[edit] V

[edit] W

[edit] X

[edit] Y

[edit] Z

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