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[edit] Background Information

The Coca Cola Championship is always relatively thought of as the hardest league to get promoted from and year after year throws up close endings to the season, and usually promotion and relegation issues comes down to the final day. The thrill of the play-offs and the chase for the glory of the Premiership. Big teams such as Leeds United, Nottingham Forest and others who have previously experienced European Football have passed through this league, which now shows just how competitive English football is becoming these days

[edit] Important Information

1. There are 24 teams in the Championship at all times.

2. The first round of matches is in August, and the last is in May.

3. There are 46 games played, each team playing together twice. Once at home, and once away.

4. There are 3 points awarded for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

5. At the end of the season, positions are decided on Points, Goal Difference, or Goals Scored.

6. The 3 teams at the bottom of the league in May, are relegated to the Coca Cola League One.

7. The team who accumulate the most points, or a greater goal difference, come May, are crowned Champions.

8. In the first season you can name 5 subs during match day, with 3 allowed to be used.

9. The teams that finish in the top 2 of the League, automatically gain promotion to the English Premier League.

10. The teams that finish 3rd-6th play in the play-offs, with the winner of them been promoted along with the two automatically promoted teams to the English Premier League.

[edit] The Teams

The 24 teams who are currently in the Championship are:

Credit to ManUtd Fan123 for the guide.

[edit] Previous Winners

00-01 - Fulham

01-02 - Man City

02-03 - Portsmouth

03-04 - Norwich City

04-05 - Sunderland

05-06 - Reading

06-07 - Sunderland

07-08 - West Brom

08-09 - Wolves

09-10 - Newcastle

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