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[edit] Premier League Challenges

Soccer small.png The 'Forever Bursting Bubbles' Challenge - Manage Millwall and destroy their rivals West Ham United.

[edit] Lower League Challenges

Soccer small.png BSN/BSS To European Champions | (2) | (3) | (4) | (5) - Start as a team in the BSN/BSS and get them through the divisions and eventually be crowned European Champions.

Soccer small.png Celtic and Rangers In England Challenge - Take either Celtic or Rangers through the English Leagues to the Premiership.

Soccer small.png Nottingham Forest : Champions Of The World - Get Forest promoted to the Premiership then win the Champions League.

Soccer small.png The Official Manchester United " Division one" Challenge - Bring Man Utd back to the Premiership from League One but without the stars.

Soccer small.png Unemployment Challenge | (2) - This challenge has returned after great success on Football Manager 2008. You start without a job and the challenge is completed when you take over at one of the worlds top clubs.

[edit] Other Nations Challenges

Soccer small.png Asian Voyage - The same as the Unemployment Challenge except you can only manage Asian teams.

Soccer small.png Basel Challenge - Win as much as you can with Basel.

Soccer small.png Becoming The Legends That Control The World - Try to emulate the achievements of the greatest managers.

Soccer small.png Gundo's FM09 European Adventure Challenge - To take a small club who where previously unplayable in the game from the lower leagues to their Domestic League Title and Champions League crown (doesn't have to be in the same season). I realize it's not an easy challenge, but should be a lot of fun trying.

Soccer small.png FM2009 Challenge League - Complete the challenges before the deadline.

Soccer small.png Free Transfer Database Challenge - Every player and staff member on the game is a free transfer, there are four scenario's to choose from.

Soccer small.png Hoffenheim Challenge - Win as many trophies as you can with Hoffenheim.

Soccer small.png Lurking Low Challenge - Select a team lurking low in their league and bring them to the top.

Soccer small.png Napoli Challenge - Bring Napoli back to the big time in Serie A.

Soccer small.png One Cap Only Challenge - Take over a nation and do as well as you can with them, the only thing is you can only cap a player once.

Soccer small.png Pro Vercelli Challenge - Take Pro Vercelli back to Serie A from the fourth tier of Italian football.

Soccer small.png San Marino 'Double' Challenge - The Aim is to take San Marino Calcio to Serie A and Champions League glory and also win a major tournament with the San Marinese National Team.

Soccer small.png Save Your Season 2009 - Try to complete one of the 20 challenges.

Soccer small.png Small Nation Challenge | (2) | (3) - The challenge of this is to manage a small nation, below 140th in the world and try the best you can with them.

Soccer small.png The Sven Challenge - Copy Sven-Goran Eriksson's career, manage the teams he had and have the same success with them.

Soccer small.png The Jose Mourinho challenge are you the special one? - Repeat the career of Jose Mourinho.

Soccer small.png The You Can't Win Without Your 'Big Guns' Challenge - Manage a big club, the only thing is you must sell their five best players.

Soccer small.png Youth Player Project - Turn a youngster with potential into a world beater.

Soccer small.png Zinedine Zidane Comeback Challenge - Give Zidane the end to his career he deserved by winning as much as possible with France & Real Madrid over the course of two years. I have used his stats from 06, and the game has a large database with the top two leagues loaded from England, Italy & Spain and the top league loaded from Russia. Points are awarded as below.

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