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Getting Bored Quickly


[edit] Football Manager 2008 Article Index

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Diversity is the Spice of Life

Cydonia provides us with an insight into the lesser known regions of Football Management with a look at a more diverse selection of football leagues.

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Is football manager a realistic representation of real life ?

The Old Revolution gives a detailed debate on different factors within Football Manager that represent the real life game, and the other factors that do not follow suit.

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Some Mythical FM Theories and Suggestions Explained

computer_man turns agony aunt to suggest some possible fixes for 'mythical' Football Manager gripes.

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What do SI Games have to do?

Andy 4 efc considers if there is anything that Sports Interactive can do to build on the success of Football Manager 2008.

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Why SI cannot Win with their Match Engine & Tactical Observations

computer_man suggests that Sports Interactive will never be able to fully win over the Football Manager masses with their Match Engine and Tactical Observations.

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Why SIs Match Engine Will never reach perfection

computer_man puts forward his reasons for why Sports Interactive will never perfect the Match Engine.

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Would a 3D match engine improve FM ?

Huzzer1878 goes into detail about the FM match engine, and whether making it 3D would improve it.


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