Andrey Arshavin

Andrey Arshavin
Date of Birth29th May 1981
Place of BirthSt. Petersburg, Russia
National TeamRussia


[edit] Background

Andrey Arshavin (born May 30, 1981 in Leningrad) is a Russian international football forward who currently plays for Arsenal. He is a versatile second striker who can also play as an attacking midfielder and winger. He is best known for his close control, vision, playmaking ability, speed and pace.

[edit] Football Manager Stats

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[edit] Strengths

+ Dribbling (20) His superb close control of the ball when in possession makes Arshavin a feared opponent. His ability to take on his marker with relative ease puts him into fantastic positions to create opportunities.

+ Creativity (18) and Passing (17) Arshavin's ability to pick out a pass and make chances will enhance any team. He is often the focal point of attacks and can provide the decisive pass in the all important final third.

+ Pace (16) and Acceleration (17) Arshavin's fantastic speed means he can leave his opponent for dead. He is lethal on the counter attack, particularly when he is running at defenders.

[edit] Weaknesses

- Strength (9) His poor strength stats will make it easier for him to be knocked off the ball by his opponent.

- Heading (6) and Jumping (4) His poor aerial threat means he is unlikely to be found heading the ball. Therefore he cannot really be used as an out and out striker that will get on the end of crosses.

- Natural Fitness (8) Arshavin may tire more easily and could be more susceptible to picking up an injury. This may result in him being unfit for a few games and not performing to his full potential.


[edit] Positions

Although Arshavin can play in a number of positions on the pitch he is primarily a central attacking midfielder. He is a player that likes to get on the ball as much as possible and create openings for his side. He is a master of the free role meaning you should give him the licencse to roam around the field and make use of his ability to get into the right position. His preference to run through the centre with the ball also supports his central position and makes him less effective on the wing.

Player Instructions

[edit] Player Instructions

To make best use of Arshavin's ability in the free role, this box should be ticked. It will allow him get into the best positions to hurt the opposition and pull the strings of the team. He should also be be given lots of creative freedom to play with flair and do his own job with little instructions. Mixed passing and lots of through balls should be set to give him lots of variation in his distribution whether it be threading a ball between the defence for the striker or short exchanges with his team mates. Run with ball should be maximised to take advantage of his dribbling and pace stats. It may also help if you set Arshavin to be your target man with ball to feet due to his preferred 'likes ball into feet' move. Counter attacking could also benefit Arshavin as he likes to break from the halfway line and run at the defence.

[edit] Summary

Arshavin would be a fantastic asset to most teams on the game and is a master of the free role. He can also be obtained for a relatively small amount of £6-£7.5mil and can easily get a work permit if necessary.

Credit to adam_OAFC for this guide.

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