Andre Vilas Boas

I'm not going to beat around the bush here: Andre Vilas Boas is the best scout on the game. Take one look at his stats and you'll see what I mean. But the best thing is, he's actually pretty easy to sign. Most of the top scouts demand huge wages and will only join the best clubs, but Andre Vilas Boas is different.

[edit] Why he's obtainable

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, he starts off unemployed, which obviously makes him easier to sign, but also means you don't have to pay compensation. Secondly, his reputation is only national, which is strange considering how good he is. This means he'll sign for lesser teams, which is something that scouts with continental or worldwide reputations won't. Finally, he's young for a scout. He's therefore more willing to take on a role at smaller club than an older person who's reaching the end of their career.

Andre Vilas Boas is amazing on all official Football Manager 2008 patches. Of course, some of his stats will vary slightly from game to game, but he always has high stats in the most important areas. As he's quite obscure, the only way he'll be in your game is if you load all players from Portugal. Trust me, he's worth it. On 8.0.2, no AI clubs approach him at the start. However, on the original version AI clubs do make offers right from the start, so you'll have to get in early snap him up. He'll sign for any team in the Premiership and is willing to join top Championship teams, but Championship teams will struggle to get him as they'll probably be unable to afford his wages, and he'll most likely accept an offer from a better team anyway.

Wage Demands: He normally asks for around £1,400 per week. Considering you're getting the game's best scout, that's not a lot, is it?

[edit] Stats

Andre Vilas Boas Screenshot.jpg

Like I said, some of Andre Vilas Boas' stats differ from game to game, but he always has high stats in the following areas:

  • Adaptability-16. As this stat is high, whichever country you are managing in you can rely on him.
  • Determination-20. People often underestimate the importance of this for a scout. A high stat in this means your report cards will be detailed, so you won't have to scout players twice to find out everyhing you want to know. Also, the higher the determination, the more likely the person is to discover a gem.
  • Judging player ability-20. This is obviously vital for a scout. With Boas, your player reports will always be accurate.
  • Judging player potential-20. Perhaps even more important than JPA. If you want to know how good a young player is going to become, Boas will not let you down.
  • Level of discipline-16. Not particularly important for a scout, but hey, it's better high than low.
  • Tactical knowledge-17. Tactical knowledge comes into play when you're scouting opposition teams. Boas gives good advice about how to expose the opposition's weaknesses and how to nullify their strengths.
  • Working with youngsters-17. Exactly what this does I don't know, but it is clearly useful for a scout as much of their time will be spent looking for youngsters.

[edit] Conclusion

You can see why Andre Vilas Boas is the best scout on the game looking at his attributes. He provides detailed accurate reports and is a master at unearthing young talent. He's so good that in some of my games I didn't bother having any other scouts in the first few seasons. However, if you are going to do this I sugest getting some more scouts a few seasons in, as you'll need them in order to find good regens.

To sum up, if you want the best scout, get Andre Vilas Boas!

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