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Date of Birth15th March 1989
Place of BirthAngouleme, France
National TeamPortugal
ClubSporting Lisbon


[edit] Background

Adrien Sebastian Perruchet Silva (otherwise known as Adrien) is a professional footballer, who plays his trade at Sporting Lisbon, based in Portugal. Although born in France, Adrien moved to Portugal and joined Sporting CP during the 2002/2003 season. He has been described as a player for the future, as he is young, and has shown immense potential.

[edit] Football Manager 2008

[edit] Strengths

Adrien is a young, 18 year old midfielder. He is strongest mentally where all of his stats are above 10. Physically he needs improvement, however, once he develops, he will become sufficient in that area. Adrien doesn't become technically gifted but his passing ability becomes immense which is enhanced through his eventual high creativity and decision making. As he develops, his anticipation, concentration and positioning all increase to a very high standard. He is a consistent player, who will always give his best regardless of what role he is playing at the club.

[edit] Weaknesses

Adrien's physical prowess is perhaps his one and only weakness. He is not physically dominant and this may cause a problem in midfield. However, he makes up for this with his tremendous passing, creativity and decision making. His balance and jumping are a cause for concern, as they hardly develop at all. This average balance is more of a problem because he desperately needs it, as he plays as a midfield center or a defensive midfielder.

Adrien's stats

[edit] Player Instructions

Although not in need of specific individual instructions to be a success for you, you could certainly attempt to further enhance his performances by giving him some extra creative freedom. He is best played as a central midfielder, but I would advise you not to have him as a holding midfielder. He can branch out to a defensive midfielder position also.

[edit] Conclusion

He is an 18 year old bright prospect for the future. He can become a first team player for any club in the world, and doesn't complain too much about being a back-up. He can be bought for around one million dollars at the start of the game, and if need be can be sold for much more than he was bought. He becomes a classy player and I recommend him to all.

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