Why SI's Match Engine will never reach perfection

So, why can SI's match engine never reach perfection?

Firstly, I must quote forum member Mocking Alvin, who posted this: "SI have created a brilliant match engine, allowing the master tactition to succeed. Sure, they can always improve the disallowed goals and the dubious red cards as kEaNo10 pointed out, but it's still a brilliant game.". This post is practically the inspiration for this article, along with all the fantastic comments I recieved.

In this article I will outline some real life examples which give me the reasons why SI will never perfect their engine, never ever.

The Importance of Luck

In real life luck plays a huge part. A slight deflection, a wrong refereeing decision, whatever can change the match score, the result, and even the final standings. Of course, in my opinion SI have tried to reflect luck in the engine, because things do happen like that in the game, in my opinion anyway, and that will probably spark yet another article I expect! Yet obviously there is no logic, no algebra, no formula like E=MC2, and it cannot be predicted at all. Therefore, how can SI reflect this in the engine? Let's face it, if you narrow the engine down to it's pure basic code framework, coming from a Web Development Coding Background myself, it will be a series of code and if I could get into it, I would pretty much say that it would be no random code and simply a lot of occurrences which could happen. Therefore, luck cannot always be shown in the engine.


Tactical development, ever since CM04, as far back as I go in management games, has not changed. I still remember right clicking and dragging arrows back and forward, sideways, whatever, and I used to drag sliders. But it is not all about that. This method of development is still limited, let's take the role of Cristiano Ronaldo. Tell me where he plays on the pitch for Man Utd? Striker, winger, midfielder? I don't personally think you can fully replicate the role C Ronaldo plays. My closest, going off the track for a minute, would be an AMC will full creativity and a free role. But still, that's not it.

I tried to replicate Newcastle with my one and only tactic set so far, the 4-3-3 with Martins, Owen and Viduka. I couldn't. Give all 3 strikers a free role, all goes crazy. The formation development is still based on a grid, and until SI can somehow, and don't ask me how, get away from that and into a fully free formation development, with no grid, the tactics will never be fully real life.


Without wanting to deviate into my next article "Why SI Can Never Please Their Gamers", errors can never be replicated. Linking quite nicely back to The Importance of Luck, there is no formula to predict errors. Find any player, and they will always make mistakes. I always remember that Southampton keeper letting that goal in through his legs against Man Utd, and the mistakes are completely random and unpredictable and cannot be replicated in 2D circle style.

How High is the Ball?

Champ Manager went 3D, I have never played it, but this links to the 'How High is the Ball' issue which might not be discussed, but I think is important. You can tell when the ball is in the air, but when a long ball goes over the top, I'm always left wondering how my defenders have been beated by a simple 'lob'. I am not accusing it of cheating, but if I could see how high the ball went, it would please me. Like with free kicks which go in, similar story, Half the time my wall seems non-existant but obviously the ball goes over it.

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