Terence Makengo

Terence Makengo
Date of Birth22.6.1992 (18 years old)
Place of BirthBoulogne-sur-Mer, France
ClubAS Monaco

[edit] Football Manager 2011

Terence Makengo seems to have been give a real PA boost on this year's version of the game. The French striker is usually tracked by a number of big teams at the beggining of the game so it's important to get him early. As Arsenal, my scout Francis Cagigao said that Terence Makengo could turn out to be a leading Premier Division striker and gave him 3.5 stars for potential. Makengo's excellent physicals for his age are one thing that really put him other young strikers, and he also has good raw stats for a striker with 12 in Finishing and 13 in Composure. For Makengo to improve I belive he needs to continue work on hsi technical attributes. Makengo should cost around £1.5m which makes him a great bargain for any team.

[edit] Screenshots

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