The new version of Football Manager comes with many new features, ranging from the aesthetics to the newer technical characteristics. As with all games, there is an abundance of screenshots showing off these features, and here they all are for you in one place!


Match Analysis
Fan Days
Season Ticket Sales
Player Personal
Individual Player Screens

[edit] Match Analysis

A screen which will be unfamiliar with the older FM players, this is something new to Football Manager 2008. It includes more detailed media predictions, such as improved odds and key players for each side as well as the commentators prediction. There is also milestones for each side, so you can get an even bigger insight into your team and opponent.

[edit] Fan Days

Fan days is also a new feature for the Lower League Management fans out there, it gives you a change to build up support by hosting games which encourage fans to come, such as discount tickets or kids go free promotions. Be careful when using though, building up support for a game and then losing it could be a bad move!

[edit] Tactics

Although similar to the Football Manager 2007 tactics, this games match engine is much more advanced, and so players will be pushed to their tactical limit in order to out think the artificial intelligence.

[edit] Season Ticket Sales

This is only minor, but a nice addition nevertheless. You now get weekly reports throughout pre season on how many tickets have been sold, this also goes some way to reflecting the fans confidence in you, so make sure you get it right!

[edit] Personal

Again, nothing new but still nice to see this in the game. A tip is to look for players with players in your team as their favoured personel, they will be more willing to join you and so will negotiate contracts easier. Again, the same applies with favoured clubs.

[edit] Facegen

One of the biggest things to be introduced to this version of Football Manager, facegen shows your regenerated players and staff 'grow up'. Playing the game for many seasons you will see your players have many hair cuts and change appearance as time goes on. A very interesting feature for them to include. Some hate it, some love it.

[edit] Individual Player Screens

Various images of individual players within the Football Manager 2008 game.


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