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[edit] General Information

Known as the Clydesdale Bank Premier League, it is the top tier of Scottish football. It is heavily dominated by two clubs, Celtic and Rangers. No other team has won the Scottish Premier League, only these two clubs. Formed in 1998, Celtic have won it 6 times, and Rangers 4. This League is ranked tenth in the UEFA rankings of European leagues.

[edit] League Structure

Originally, there were 10 clubs competing, but in the 00/01 season it was expanded to 12. The Scottish Premier league season is very strange, as it is seperated into two 'phases'. In the first part of the season, each team plays every other club 3 times, resulting in 33 matches. Then after this, the league is split into halves. The top 6 and the bottom 6. In these two sections each team plays 5 matches, against the other 5 teams in the section. This Means that 7th place can actually get more points than 6th place, as once you have played the 33 matches, you cannot move out of your section. The bottom club at the end of the season is relegated into the Scottish Division 1.

[edit] European Qualification

The top two clubs of the Scottish Premier League qualify for the the UEFA Champions League, only once has this not been Celtic and Rangers. Third Placed and the winner of the Scottish Cup qualify for the UEFA Cup. If the winner of the Scottish Cup is the same team that finished third, then the team that finished fourth will qualify along with them. Teams are allowed to apply for a position in the UEFA Intertoto Cup, but only two teams ever have. If more than two team apply in the same season, then the highest placed gains entry.

[edit] Teams

[edit] Past Winners

09/10: Rangers

08/09: Rangers

07/08: Celtic

06/07: Celtic

05/06: Celtic

04/05: Rangers

03/04: Celtic

02/03: Rangers

01/02: Celtic

00/01: Celtic

99/00: Rangers

98/00: Rangers

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