Mustapha Hadji

Mustapha Hadji
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Date of Birth16th November 1971
Place of BirthIfrance, Morocco
National TeamMorocco
ClubFola Esch


[edit] Background

Mustapha Hadji is a 35 year old Moroccan playmaker. He has previously played for such clubs as Coventry, Aston Villa And AS Nancy where he started his career. Mustapha is known for being a great goalscoring midfielder turned provider with great pace and lots of skill and flair. He has been capped by his national team Morroco 54 times, scoring a total of 13 goals.

[edit] Football Manager 2008

[edit] Why sign him?

Well, obviously Mustapha is a ageing veteran, so in theory, you won't be signing him for the likes of Liverpool or Barcelona. However, for the lower league managers out there, Mustapha Hadji is available to sign on a free transfer, and should slot nicely into your team. When playing in the lower leagues and the experience some people have had with him in their sides, most notably Hogan_fmf for Gainsborough Trinity, Hadji has been the thorn in the side for many games. He posses a great sense of when to get forward, and has a great footballing mind, with the ability to play killer passes to split the defence in two.

[edit] In game


Now, if you look at his stats, you will see that he possesses great flair, along with a good first touch, being a good dribbler, and having a good cross. As of this, I recommend you play him either ARM or RCM, and give him player instructions of a free role, forward runs -> often, long shots -> often, and through balls -> often. Do this correctly, and Mustapha Hadji will be ripping up the lower leagues at the age of 35.

[edit] Conclusion

Mustapha can be a great buy up until the age of 36/37, when he becomes more tired more often, and cannot keep the pace, especially if the team is getting promoted. However, if you do bring him to your lower league club, I feel you will get a great buy, and could possibly be the focus point around your team.

Credit to Hogan_fmf for this guide

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