Last Minute Goals

Last minute goals are one of the most annoying aspects of Football Manager 2008. You get your team into a really good position against one of the better teams in the league, only for the AI to go and score 2 goals in added on time, and you lose. It happens to all of us, and i am here to give my view on how it can be stopped.

[edit] Tactical Changes

If you are leading with 10-15 minutes to go, and its only by one goal, then its best if you change tactics. If you are playing with wide men and a lone striker during the game, then i advise you to bring those back into midfield and move someone else back into defence. If this means making a sub to bring on a spare defender, then its worth the risk. Here is what I mean.

Main Tactic
Last 5-10 minutes

If that is the tactic that you were playing for the majority of the game, then this is what i think you should change to, with little time left to play, to try and hold onto the lead. If you were to do this, it then gives you more back up in defence, and another man back there to make a last ditch tackle or header. If you go onto the Team Instructions screen, there is more that you can do on there to be able to try and keep the lead.

[edit] Team Instructions

During the main part of the game, we all have our own team instructions, our own way of doing things. When it comes to defending a lead, it all gets pretty similar. You need to get men behind the ball, and make sure you keep things tight. In the closing moments of a game, I think it is best to get your defenders deep, so that you cant leave your keeper in any one on one situations late in the game. If you also set the team mentality to defensive it stops a lot of your players making more attacking movements in the final minutes, and means you dont start to leave gaps. Some people say that it is best to counter attack in the closing moments, but I don't see how this helps. You commit men forward, and could end up leaving yourself short at the back and be on the end of an opposing counter attack.

[edit] Conclusion

To conclude everything that i have put above. I think that with 10 minutes left in a game that you are leading by only one goal you should go on the defensive. Some people might think this is negative, but its my view. I think that the AI likes to throw everything at you in the end, and this has been a good way for me to close them out in the past. I hope that it helps you in the future, and let me know how you got on.

Guide written by Stu

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