Joleon Lescott

Joleon Lescott
J Lescott.jpg
Date of Birth16th August 1982
Place of BirthBirmingham, England
National TeamEngland
ClubManchester City


[edit] Background

Joleon Lescott signed for Everton from Wolves. He joined Man City in August 2009.

[edit] Football Manager 2008

In Football Manager 2008, Joleon Lescott is a great player, and is worthy of being in your squad. He is young, got a powerful header and is a great Centre Back. I used him at Villa and he won 5 man of the matches and was a great leader, he always seems to perform on the game, especially in big games. He is also a very determined lad, who likes the media attention on FM 08. He is very fast too.

Tactically, Joleon Lescott plays best as a centre back, but can play well in the left back position, he works for the ball on FM 08, and you can see his little dot racing up and down! If you want him as a left back, train him there to be perfect. Also I believe you can train him to be a holding midfielder or a right back.

[edit] Strengths

Determination: 17: As I have said previously, he is a very determined lad, and wants to be the best of his ability, in real life and on Football Manager. He likes to make it to every ball, and has scored a lot of goals from set pieces for me on Football Manager 2008.

Heading: 17: As you can see Lescott loves to head the ball, and his stats show this, he not afraid to head and get up high when needed, that's why all his goals for me and against me on Football Manager have been from corners, crosses and free-kicks, by getting on the end of them.

Strength: 17: On the game Lescott is a very strong lad, and his stats show this, as I have said, he works and battles for the ball, and if he needs to barge someone he will. Beware!

Jumping/Bravery: 16: As they are both 16, I decided to include them both. Firstly jumping, as you can see, and probably know, Lescott can jump high, practically to the moon, he leaps up high when needed to score or defend. He is also a brave lad, and when needed to challenge people he will, he wont bottle out that’s why he should be a great buy on FM 08.

[edit] Weaknesses

Every player has them, plus Lescott is young and learning, as everyone says, "learn from mistakes".

Free- Kicks:1: To be honest, he gets on the end of them, but doesn't really need to take them.

Long Shots:2: Well as a defender you don’t need to shoot far, maybe Tugs Training will help get this up if you wish to get him into goal of the month.

Flair:1: Some times he doesn’t really play attractive football, he does the basics which is good but that doesn’t always work does it, just ask Arsenal, who are linked with Lescott.

Long Throws:2: As a defender he needs to be able to take these, and this is what lets him down a lot, he has poor throwing, but he can improve after a few seasons. He should get better in 2009, I think it's 10 for me.

[edit] Conclusion

To conclude, I think Lescott is a great player who is learning pretty fast, I would definitely buy him for a Premiership club, but on Football Manger 2008, Everton don’t always sell him unless you offer big. Within a few seasons, I think he will be a fantastic player, who everyone wants to sign. I mean, he's been in the England squad. Tell me how you get on with Lescott on FM 08. Thanks

Credit to keano10 for the guide.

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