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Football Manager 2016
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Developer(s)Sports Interactive
Release Date13th November 2015
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Mac & Linux
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Football Manager 2016 is the twelfth game in the Football Manager series from Sports Interactive. The game was released on the 13th of November 2015, after an announcement was made on September 7th, almost two months prior.

[edit] Gameplay

Continuing with last year's overhaul of the menu screens, Football Manager 2016's new user interface is definitely a more modern approach, when compared to the older versions. But while the UI might be similar, SI has introduced a new feature with FM16 that has never been on any of their previous editions; the option to create your own in-game avatar. You can customize everything from jaw lines, to hair styles, and nose shapes. Another new feature is the ProZone Match Analysis tool which was developed by SI, in collaboration with ProZone, a real-life sports performance analyst. This feature offers an abundance of stats, not just from your team, but from any other team, playing in any other league in the in-game world. These stats range from ones as broad as overall action zones across the pitch to ones as specific and detailed as the placement of each and every shot and/or pass of any particular player in a match. And all this content is delivered in a very legible and comprehensible format. The set-piece creator has also undergone a significant overhaul. Now, not only can you fully customize your corner and free kick routines, with regards the the position of the players and the curl of the ball, but you can have mutiple routines as well, and rotate through them as and when you please.

In addition to this, SI have introduced two new modes to the game as well. The first, is the Create-A-Club mode. This mode allows you to create your very own club, complete with kits, logos, stadiums and even a transfer budget, all without even entering the in-game Editor. The second one is the Fantasy Draft mode, which allows you to start multiplayer saves with player drafts, similar to the one running in the Major League Soccer (MLS) currently.

[edit] Features

Create your own avatar

ProZone Match Analysis

Create-A-Club mode

Fantasy Draft mode

[edit] Official Site

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