Football Manager 2008 (Xbox360)


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Football Manager 2008 (XBOX 360)
Football Manager 2009 Boxart
Developer(s)Sports Interactive
Release DateMarch 2008

Football Manager 2008, the critically acclaimed title from Sports Interactive, was announced for Xbox 360 on the 11th of January, 2008. The third installment of the game for the Xbox 360(previous versions being Football Manager 2006 and Football Manager 2007), the game was said to have undergone many changes which would update how the user would play and overall make it similar to the Football Manager 2008 PC. Football Manager 2008 for the Xbox 360 was released throughout Europe on the 28th of March, 2008.

[edit] Features

Match Flow - Additions include pre match, half time and full time team talks, match previews, opposition player instructions, no pause to make tactical changes - a mini pitch is included in the corner of the screen.

International Management - Captain selection, international retirements, media improvements, international scouting, improved pool selection, player interaction, separation of international and club morale for players.

Ease Of Use - New colour scheme and fresh looking skin, notebook system, advisory system for new players, coach reports(which can aid a new manager with information on the team they're taking over), new calendar system(lists all significant dates of the month).

Confidence - Feedback from the board and fans informing you of their opinions on how you're managing the team.

Match Enginge - With the help of former Irish star Ray Houghton, Sports Interactive have utilised a life like simulation tool as an update to the new match engine. Also included is the choice of pitch dimensions, which can cater for your wing playing, narrow centred play or average playing teams.

Fan Days - Arranged by the board to help suffering crowd attendances, these can significantly improve your attendances and in turn your finances from ticket sales.

FaceGen - Literally going by its name, it generates faces for regenerated players. Faces change as the player ages and hair styles may change during their careers

Speed - Overall, the game's speed has been made faster. Saving, confirming tactics and even online is faster than ever before.

[edit] Licenses

"We are very proud to announce the procurement of a license for the French Ligue de Football Professionnel, with both the 1st & 2nd divisions covered by the license that provides real club names, logo’s [sic] and kits for all the clubs in those leagues. We also welcome back the Dutch national team to the game, which was missing from last years game. On top of this, we have new licenses in Italy from Sampdoria and Fiorentina."

[edit] New Playable Competitions

   * Asian Nations Cup - AFC Asian Cup
   * African Cup of Nations - African Cup of Nations
   * Confederations Cup - FIFA Confederations Cup
   * Copa America - Copa América
   * European Football Championship - European Championships
   * North American Gold Cup - CONCACAF Gold Cup
   * Olympics - Olympic Games
   * Under 20 World Cup - FIFA Under 20 World Cup
   * World Cup - FIFA World Cup
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