Football Manager 2006


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Football Manager 2006
Football Manager 2006 Boxart
Developer(s)Sports Interactive
Release Date21 October 2005
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[edit] Background

Football Manager 2006 was the second title in the Football Manager series, released on the 21st of October 2005. In April 2006 it was the first Football Manager to be released on the XBOX 360. In the United States and Canada the game was released under the name of Worldwide Soccer Manager 2006.

[edit] New Features

  • Full Time Team Talks - You now have the ability to speak to your players after a match, will the react well to your words though?
  • Half Time Team Talks - The ability interact with your team at half time, or with individual players.
  • Unhappy Player Interaction - Interact with an unhappy player to try and find a solution to why he is unhappy.
  • Easier Training - Much easier & quicker to use training, the all new training scheme gives you and your backroom staff a real purpose in the game, with much more positive effects on the players.
  • Referee Profiles - You can now see how well the referee for your next match has performed recently.
  • Manager Contracts - Negotiate with the board to get the contract you want.
  • Virtual player contracts - You can now sign virtual greyed out players for your team.
  • Snapshot Page - All of the information you need to know on one page.
  • New Match Commentary Lines - Loads more new commentary lines used in match for added atmosphere and detail to identify what's happening on the pitch.
  • Quick tactic mode - You can now make quick tactical changes during a match.
  • Revamped Physio Reports You now don't need to ask the physio about a player because he comes to you, including options on the treatment for the injury.
  • Dream Team - You can now manage Dream Team's fictional team Harchester United, by editing a text file.

[edit] Playable Leagues

  • Argentina.png Argentina
  • Australia.png Australia
  • Austria.png Austria
  • Belarus.png Belarus
  • Belgium.png Belgium
  • Brazil.png Brazil
  • Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
  • Chile.png Chile
  • China.png China
  • Colombia.png Colombia
  • Croatia.png Croatia
  • Czech Republic.png Czech Republic
  • Denmark.png Denmark
  • England.png England
  • Finland.png Finland
  • France.png France
  • Germany.png Germany
  • Greece.png Greece
  • Holland.png Holland (The Netherlands)
  • Hong Kong.png Hong Kong
  • Hungary.png Hungary
  • Iceland.png Iceland
  • India.png India
  • Indonesia.png Indonesia
  • Ireland.png Ireland
  • Israel.png Israel
  • Italy.png Italy
  • Malaysia.png Malaysia
  • Mexico.png Mexico
  • Northern Ireland.png Northern Ireland
  • Norway.png Norway
  • Peru.png Peru
  • Poland.png Poland
  • Portugal.png Portugal
  • Romania.png Romania
  • Russia.png Russia
  • Scotland.png Scotland
  • Serbia & Montenegro
  • Singapore.png Singapore
  • Slovakia.png Slovakia
  • Slovenia.png Slovenia
  • South Africa.png South Africa
  • South Korea.png South Korea
  • Spain.png Spain
  • Sweden.png Sweden
  • Switzerland.png Switzerland
  • Turkey.png Turkey
  • Usa.png U.S.A.
  • Ukraine.png Ukraine
  • Uruguay.png Uruguay
  • Wales.png Wales

[edit] Copyright

Similar to Football Manager 2005, 2006 had copyright issues:

  • The following national teams had virtual players:
    • China
    • Japan
    • South Korea
  • Oliver Kahn had to named Jens Mustermann.

[edit] System requirements

PC (Win XP SP2, 2.0GHz Processor, 256MB RAM, 8x CD ROM)

Mac (1.8GHz G5)

Xbox 360 20 or 120gb HDD

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