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[edit] Club Information

Fiorentina are a professional Italian football team that currently play in the top tier of the Italian football leagues, Serie A. The club were found in 1926 and have won the Serie A twice. Fiorentina play at Stadio Artemio Franchi in Florence, Italy. In recent years Fiorentina went through series of turmoil, beginning with its bankruptcy in 2001 that caused it to fall to Division C2, and more recently its involvement with the 2006 Italian Match Fixing Scandal that caused the club to be slapped with a 15 point deductions in the 2007-2008 Season.

[edit] Team Stats (Updated in FM 2008 Patch 8.02)

Nickname = Viola, Gigliati

Team Reputation = 7950

Training Center = 13/20

Youth Training = 14/20 with Youth Academy

Current Continental Competition = EURO Cup

Media Expected Finish = 5th

Chairman = Diego Della Valle

Manager = Claudio Cesare Prandelli

Rivals = Juventus, Pisa, Roma, Lazio, Bologna, Siena, Atalanta, Inter, Empoli, Milan

[edit] Team Roster (Updated in FM 2008 Patch 8.02)

[edit] Goalkeepers

Sebastien Frey, Goalkeeper, France - One of the best goalkeeper in game. His abilities between the goalposts will keep the Viola competitive both domestically and continental. He usually becomes a star for France within the first two seasons.

Cristiano Lupatelli, Goalkeeper, Italy - He simply does not have enough abilities to become even the backup for the Viola.

Vlada Avramov, Goalkeeper, Serbia - The backup goalkeeper has high potential stats that will never be realized due to his age. He also does not have enough abilities to be Fiorentina's backup.

Edoardo Pazzagli, Goalkeeper, Italy - Pazzagli has completely random stats generated each game.

[edit] Defenders

Per Kroldup, Defender, Denmark - Kroldup's stats relegate him to the backup role in terms of Fiorentina's back line.

Dario Dainelli, Defender, Italy - The Viola captain is a decent defender, but one that can be replaced should financial resources are available.

Alessandro Gamberini, Defender, Italy - The better defender compared to Dainelli, but one that can be replaced again, if financial resources are available.

Alessandro Potenza, Defender, Italy - Backup that can be replaced. Cannot challenge for a spot in the first XI.

Ondrej Mazuch, Defender, Czech Republic - Young defender that would never turn out good enough to challenge for a starter position. Look to sell him at the earliest opportunity.

Tomas Ujfalusi, Defender, Czech Republic - The starting right-back will anchor the defensive line of the Viola for the next year or two, but a replacement should be found sooner rather than later.

Manuel Pasqual, Defender, Italy - The starting Viola left-back has the quality to be part of a championship team, but that does not mean passing up on better alternatives if opportunities await.

[edit] Midfielders

Marco Donadel, Midfielder, Italy - The defensive midfielder is a solid option for that position for Viola, but can be sold if formation does not call for a defensive midfielder.

Franco Semioli, Midfielder, Italy - The right winger is a backup to Mario Santana, since his abilities are simply worse than the Argentinian.

Pablo Osvaldo, Midfielder, Italy - The young winger and striker can be loaned out to gain first team experience, but usually he cannot exceed the abilities of the starters.

Adrian Mutu, Midfielder/Striker, Romania - The Romanian star will be chased after by English clubs in the beginning of the season. A hefty profit can be made from him, but he is also one of the top players in the Viola squad.

Fabio Liverani, Midfielder, Italy - The experienced midfielder can challenge for a starter position in the first half of the season, but usually fade after that.

Jan Hable, Midfielder, Czech Republic - Cannot challenge for a spot in the First XI, either now or when matured.

Riccardo Montolivo, Midfielder, Italy - The budding Italian international has the ability to be the mainstay of the Fiorentina midfielder for years to come.

Massimo Gobbi, Midfielder, Italy - A backup option for Viola. He does not have the abilities to challenge Montolivo or Kuzmanovic.

Martin Jorgensen, Midfielder, Denmark - The experienced winger will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Zdravko Kuzmanovic, Midfielder, Serbia - The Serbian midfielder will grow into one of the best center midfielder in the game. He will form a solid mid line for the Viola with Montolivo.

Mario Santana, Midfielder, Argentina - The pacey Argentinian has all the qualities needed for a right winger, and he will do a good job for Fiorentina.

[edit] Strikers

Giampaolo Pazzini, Striker, Italy - Pazzini is a definite starter for the Viola, and has the abilities to score frequently.

Christian Vieri, Striker, Italy - The old striker has good stats in the beginning, but will fade out dramatically as the first season goes on.

Matthias Lepiller, Striker, France - The young striker will never compete for a place in the First XI of Viola, even when matured.

[edit] Kits

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