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[edit] Tactics Overview

In Football Manager Handheld 2008, the tactics system has got even more customization. There are 17 preset formations, with all of them able to be edited by the manager. You can also save 10 custom tactics. You can move the players into 30 different slots all over the pitch, not including the goalkeepers place. You can also set the players runs, so that the could run forward towards the strikers to help score goals, or let them run backwards to help defend. There is also the Team and Player instructions. In Team instructions, you can set your teams Emphasis ( Normal, Defensive or Attacking), how the team passes the ball ( Long, Short etc. ) how they Tackle ( Hard or Soft ) . These Instructions effect how your team plays. You can also choose if they use the Offside Trap, Counter Attack or keep Men Behind The Ball. The rest of the options let you choose who is you captain, and who takes the free kicks and corners. In Player Instructions you can choose where the palyers pass to, how the tackle, where they stay for set pieces, and other options like Free Role and Forward Runs. In the Tactics screen you can also pick your Penalty Takers for if the match goes to a penalty shoot out or if your team is awarded with a Penalty and your first choice taker is injured or not playing. The last option in the Tactics screen is Next Opposition, where you can view your next oppositions formation and starting 11. This may influence your decision on who to play and what formation.

[edit] Tactics For Download

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