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[edit] Football Manager Handheld 2008 pre-game editor

[edit] Instructions for use

  • Connect PSP to PC.
  • Open memory stick in a window.
  • Open PSP folder (if not there, create one).
  • Create a folder called "COMMON".
  • Open "COMMON" folder.
  • Create a FMH2008 folder.
  • Open wordpad/notepad (or similar).
  • Write out commands for the changes you want to make.
  • Save file as changes.txt in FMH folder you created.
  • Exit USB mode on your PSP and load up the game.
  • Start a new game and marvel at your edits.

[edit] Writing out commands

"PLAYER""Ryan" "Shawcross" "Manchester United" "" "" "" "" "154" "Free"


Editing |1st Name |2nd Name |club |previous club |Previous yob |edit yob |current ability |potential Abilty| Moving club

"CLUB" "England" "England" "" "" "10000" ""


Editing | Team Name| Edited Team Name| Previous League| / | Edited Rep| League Moving to

YOB = Year of Birth

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