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[edit] Sugar Daddy

How to unlock: Stay at a club for at least three years and win enough trophies for the teams reputation aswell as keeping the board and fans happy with finances and transfers.
What it does: A rich owner takes in and injects large cash amounts into your team via budgets (this can be disabled and enabled throughout the game so infinate cash can be achieved).

[edit] A Place on the Board

How to Unlock: Manage one club for at least ten years and achieve a good few trophies during your time.
What it does: Means you can never be sacked.

[edit] No Transfer Windows

How to Unlock: Make a significant profit in a transfer window to match the club's reputation (e.g. Chelsea will require a bigger amount than Burton Albion).
What it does: Lets you buy anyone at anytime meaning the transfer windows don't occur.

[edit] No Work Permits

How to Unlock: Buy a set amount of players who require Work Permits in one game (e.g. South American players).
What it does: Stops players needing work permits so they can come without having to pass one.

[edit] International Management

How to Unlock: Take over a nation from a club and win a competition with them (e.g. World Cup).
What it does: Allows you to manage a International team from the start of a game aswell as a club.


[edit] All Unlockables Unlocked file;12868608;/fileinfo.html

How to put on: Download the file then right click it and extract via Winrar* then get the folder called FMH????? (should be random letters and numbers) and put it in the following folders in your PSP: PSP > SAVEDATA, then it will come up to overwrite your current folder just select yes and now load the game and go on Preferances and it should be there.

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