Emiliano Insua

Emiliano Insua
Date of Birth7th January 1989
Place of BirthBuenos Aires, Argentina
National TeamArgentina

Emiliano Insua is a full-back from Argentina who plays for English team Liverpool. He is a highly rated youngster, and is seen as a prospect both for the Argentinian National side and his club. He has already made ten league appearances for Liverpool.

[edit] Strengths

Insua is seen as a player that will develop and improve his stats later on in the game, but he already has some good attributes. His crossing is good (16), and he holds some nice physical stats, such as Pace (16), Stamina (16) and Natural Fitness (16). At the start of the game Determination is his highest, with it being 18. All his other stats are around the 10-13 mark, and with him only being 19 (being 20 in January), he shows a lot of promise.

[edit] Weaknesses

His most notable weakness is Off the Ball (7), which is a bad thing for a defender, as it is likely to affect marking. His Flair stat is also quite poor (9), which is a surprise for a South-American player, but this isn't a stat that will make a big difference for a defender.

[edit] Conclusion

Insua will become one of the best full-backs in the game after a few years. Most of his stats are already at a good stage, and with good training, he will be a very good player, both in defense and attack.

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