Elano Blumer
Date of Birth14th June 1981
Place of BirthIracemapolis, Brazil
National TeamBrazil


[edit] Background

Elano started his career at Santos before he played for Shakhtar Donetsk, in 2007 he joined Manchester City for £8M. Elano is now a regular for the Brazilian national side. He signed for Galatasaray in 2009.

[edit] Football Manager 2008

[edit] Why Elano?

Elano is the best players in the Premiership. He can cut it for any team in it. His stats are always increasing, and he is a great asset for any club. He isn't the easiest to sign in his first season due to the fact he only recently moved there. But give it a season or two and you will be able to purchase him.

Stats (Start Of New Game)
Stats (One Year Of Play)

[edit] Stats

Elano is technically and Mentally gifted, almost every stat in the Mental and Technical catagory is 15+ at the start of the game. And within one year he rapidly increases. He is no were near his potential ability which means there is always room for improvement and is stats from one year on show the improvement Elano makes.

Where to play him.
Player Instructions.

[edit] How is it best to play him?

Elano operates best in the left center midfield position, with a set run to the AMC position. Although this is not one of his favoured positions he operates well there. He is adaptable and can perform there exceptionally. Just set his instructions as so, and see him dominate the Premiership.

Another way you can play him, is as a AMC, with a arrow directly in the middle of the oppositions box, the kid scores and scores from that position, although not his most favoured positions, he performs exceptionally well.

[edit] Summary

Elano is a must buy for any Premiership club, but be aware you may not be able to get him early in the game. Be prepared to pay £15M plus but it is worth it due to the shear quality Elano brings to any side.

Credit to Hogan_fmf for making this guide.

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