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[edit] 8.0.1. Compatible

Soccer small.png 2003/2004 EPL Database - Dannyido

A database that was made to represent the 2003-2004 English Premiership season in the game. It has all updated teams and most of the players have been restored to their clubs at this point and are all excellently shown in the game.

Soccer small.png All Star League Database - ilovefootball

A very interesting database with all the top teams in Europe placed into 4 leagues in 1 country. A great chance for budding FM players to pit their wits against the best in the continent, all in one season.

Soccer small.png Leeds United 01/02 Database - Stu

A database that reflects the Leeds United the last time they were in the Champions League were at the top of their game, includes such players as Aaron Lennon, Robbie Fowler, Mark Viduka and Paul Robinson.

Soccer small.png Legends Database - Gitos

A database that is full with the most famous football teams from the past and present in one league. It replaces the Dutch leagues, where they is no relegation from the bottom league. Each club is restored with the most known players and is well made and realistic.

Soccer small.png Manutdfan123's Unofficial Database Update - manutdfan123

A database made with everything updated from January 2008 that people who like to have their game updated should take a close look at.

Soccer small.png Pacific Ring Database - sexondabeach

A database that mimixes the announcement of a Pacific league between the United States of America, Japan and Australia which will take place every few years with 2 participants from America, 1 from Australia and 1 from Japan.

Soccer small.png Race to the top - sexondabeach

A database that puts 10 of Europe's best teams split half and half into the Blue Square & North. It is a simple race to see who can reach Premiership glory first.

[edit] 8.0.2. Compatible

Soccer small.png 2001-2001 Database - manutdfan123

A database for the 2000-01 season, the one I remember for the Treble. Made by manutdfan123, this database features all the leagues, players and competitions for England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Portugal and Spain, meaning you can play Beckham in his Prime, a Ronaldo who scored every game, and a Celtic side dominating Scotland, a database for the fans who loved the 00-01 season.

Soccer small.png AFC Neoseeker Database - scfc ftw mal

AFC Neoseeker was made by scfc ftw mal during the wait for Neo F.C (above). Mal decided to make a team of his own, AFC Neoseeker, which was done very quickly with a great standard that I enjoyed playing a lot. Mal deserved lots of credit for being able to put up such a great database without any trouble at all. Mal Edit: Also thanks to Aidan who edited the database and config files with the aditional graphics. Credit to him.

Soccer small.png Glasgow FC - Aidan O Grady

  • Thread To Be Created

Glasgow FC is a little something Aidan O Grady made, Glasgow FC is a team that united both sides of the Old Firm, Celtic and Rangers into one team against the SPL, the team consists of a mixture of staff and players from both sides of Glasgow, with Hampden Park as their Stadium, their feeder clubs are Partick Thistle, also from Glasgow and Oostende, for work permits. You can also download graphics here

Soccer small.png Neoseeker F.C. - xpronic

The long awaited Neoseeker F.C, run by xpronic on an annual basis. Neo F.C is a database where Neoseeker members apply to be part of the team, it is one of our forum's many annual events, with not only members coming together bringing down the Top Four, but showing how good we really are. xpronic does a lot for this, putting lots of effort into it and deserves full credit for making this happen.

» Neoseeker FC Team Information

Soccer small.png Real Champions League DB - robster2k7

A Superleague, combining Europe's top clubs, though the team deciding wasn't the best to be honest, with one UEFA Cup finalist in the Top league and the other, who actually won the thing in the league Below. It was a great idea, but it isn't the best. Yet it still is good to play, after all, it would be easy to fix it. It is a good game to play, I just feel that the teams should have been decided after the season was finished.

Soccer small.png Susie Update - Sortitoutsi

This database contains the 2008 summer transfers for most leagues, as well as manager chages, contract changes and much, much more! It is fairly accurate, however there are some mistakes, such as Obinna on loan at Everton. Still, for anyone who wants a free FM 09, this is a very useful database. Correct up to September 1st 2008.

Soccer small.png Weegie Update -

Very similiar to the Susie update. Really the 'best' one is purely a matter of opinion. As like Susie there are a few mistakes. Correct up to 1st September 2008

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