Darryl Flahavan

Darryl Flahavan
Date of Birth28th November 1978
Place of BirthSouthampton, England
National TeamEngland
ClubCrystal Palace


[edit] Background

Darryl James Flahavan is an English keeper who currently plays his trade for League One side Southend United. He is 28 years old and has played for a select few clubs in his life. Born in Southampton meant that he grew up in the surroundings and was given a youth contract before signing a first team contract in 1996. He failed to break into the first team and was flogged to Woking for nothing. After a 2 year spell which saw him make over 40 appearances and improve the fortunes of the club he was signed by then League Two club Southend United. Since then he has gone on to make over 200 appearances.

[edit] Football Manager 2008

[edit] Strengths

Darryl Flahavan is a strong and confident goalkeeper who excels in his Goalkeeping Attributes making him a brilliant purchase for a club who need a decent first team keeper. His physical attributes let him down a bit with his pace, Strength and stamina on average levels but what he lacks he makes with in Agility and Balance.

[edit] Weaknesses

As stated above he lacks in the physical side of his game and it would be something that I would address. However, soon to enter his early 30's there isn't much time for him to improve his physical ability and i wouldn't expect a dramatic rise but with the right training regime he should rise a little way. His eccentricity give cause for concern along with his command of the area. He wouldn't suit the captain role and it would better to give it to a hard working defender.

[edit] Conclusion

Overall I would definitely give him a long hard look and at only £100k it isn't much of a loss for a Championship style club, however his tendency to pull out in the box and his lack of command of the area gives his purchase a second look but i would have to say that he heavily outweighs his cons with his excellent pros which make him a brilliant purchase in my opinion.

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