Danny Shittu

Danny Shittu
D shittu.jpg
Date of Birth2nd September 1980
Place of BirthLagos, Nigeria
National TeamNigeria


[edit] Background

Danny Shittu started his career at Charlton before moving to QPR, Watford and then Bolton.

[edit] Football Manager 2008

[edit] Why Shittu?

Danny Shittu is a player who can play in many teams, he is a top performer at Championship level, and can easily cut it in the Premiership, although he is not a top 4 signing he is possibly one of the best performers not to be. He is fairly difficult to sign, but if you get your offer accepted (usually around £3.5m) he will be a very good purchase and a bargain when you look at the likes of Pique who is valued a lot higher.


[edit] Stats

In his stats, there is 4 main stats that stand out, his Heading stat is always 19-20. His Influence is always 17+, his Strength is 17-20 and his Tackling is 15+. All these stats make him an asset to any team, he is perfectly suited to the Corner Tactic. With a high influence and also high determination, Shittu makes a good captain or vice captain, and can drive the team on well.


[edit] How is it best to play him?

As Shittu isn't very versatile, he can only play in 2 positions, DCR or DCL. Preferable you should play him at DCR as he is right footed. He requires space to move, so it isnt reccomended that you play 5 at the back as it gets too crammed. As i said before, he is vital in the Corner Tactic, and can score up to 25 goals a season.

Set corners to 6 yards box, and have Shittu's player instruction to challenge goalkeeper.

[edit] Summary

Shittu is a vital asset to many, and is perfect for anyone employing the Corner Tactic, although the pricetag of £3.5m is often too much for Championship sides. He also gives championship sides a really strong defence and backbone which is requires for a title fight in the championship.

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