Community Events 2016

Community Events
  • Forum Rules - Familiarize yourself with the standard rules and regulations of our forum.

  • Introductions - New to the forums? Introduce yourself to the community!

  • Member Interviews - Want to know some particular member better? Or do you want everyone else to know you better? Join the interviews! They're so much fun!

  • Neoseeker Hall of Fame - Think you've reached a milestone? Or smashed a record with your club or players? Post a screenshot here, and grab your place in our Hall of Fame!

  • Grassroots - Another academy, but this time, success is not guaranteed. Will your player win the Ballon d'Or six consecutive times? Or will he forever be doomed to sit on the subs bench at AFC Wimbledon?

  • The Board Room - Have any requests, feedback or suggestions you'd like to make to the forum? Post them here!
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