Challenges (2010)

[edit] Challenges

  • Big Guns Challenge - There are 5 players from each top team taken away from the squad, however the challenge is can you still win without them playing for your team?
  • BSN/BSS to Champions league winners - You have to be a team in the rock bottom sector of the English division, this is the Blue Square North and South (or 10th tier if you download the database), your aim is to take charge of them and guide the club to win the Champions League and make them a very successful club.
  • Director of Football Challenge - In this challenge you have to select a team and be that the director following the rules listed in the thread. This is a unique challenge that has never been seen before on Football Manager.
  • English Arsenal Challenge - In this challenge you have to sell all your foreign players from Arsenal FC and buy only English and see how well you do!
  • Federation of World Islands Challenge - "The nation of Andorra have had their FIFA and UEFA registration stripped from them with immediate effect and in their place The Federation of World Islands have been instated".. In this challenge you have to take charge of both club and country within this new nation and win the top awards with them.
  • Free Transfer Challenge - Can you win the Champions League with only free transfers at your disposal, or well think you can? This challenge is for you.
  • Manchester United: League One Challenge - Manchester United are now in League 1 and reformed with only a few old players with alot been sold. Your aim is to bring the club back to there previous fortunes and guide the Red Devils to the top.
  • Old Firm Challenge - Celtic and Rangers have been moved into the English Leagues and start in the lowest division, the challenge is for you to guide one of them back to there previous success but in the English divisions to prove they are worthy to be there.
  • San Marino National Challenge - Currently ranked 208 in the world, San Marino are unknown and now a very good team. However can you bring any success to there team and possible see them qualify for a World Cup one day?
  • Small Nations Challenge - Select a nation with a world ranking of 130 or more and simply do your best to bring any success to the nations.
  • Tenth Tier to Premier League - You start in the 10th tier of the English Leagues and your aim is to bring one lucky club to the promised lands of the Premier League and further.
  • Unemployment Challenge 2010 - One of the most popular Football Manager challenges, you start of unemployed and unknown however your aim is to rise to the top and becomes the worlds best manager.

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