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[edit] Premier League Challenges

Soccer small.png All Stars Challenge - All Stars United have replaced Derby County in the premier league, and it's your job to keep them there. You've got a transfer budget of £30m, but there's just one problem- you've only got 10 players!

Soccer small.png Arsenal Challenge - Arsenal are well known for buying foreign players, but it's your job to change all that. Your task is to turn Arsenal, a club with just 2 English players, into an all English team.

Soccer small.png Bottom At Christmas - It's Christimas day, and your present is the challenge of taking the Premiership's bottom team and saving them from relegation.

Soccer small.png Derby County: Ultimate Challenge - Derby have just been promoted to the premier league, and are regarded by many as the divisions worst team. Your task? To win the Premiership title!

Soccer small.png Middlesbrough Challenge - Get Middlebrough back into Europe and make them a force to be reckoned with, they have the potential, but do you know how to use it?

Soccer small.png Roman's Eastern European Challenge - You're Chelsea manager, you've got a massive budget, what could go wrong? Well, you can only buy players from Eastern Europe for a start!

[edit] Lower League Challenges

Soccer small.png Bottom to the Top Challenge - A true test of your management ability- can you take a team from the blue square leagues and make them premiership champions?

Soccer small.png Conference Challenge - Similar to the challenge above, but in this version you only have 10 years to get as far as you can.

Soccer small.png Gainsbrough Trinity Challenge - You must get blue square team Gainsbrough promoted in every season that you are manager!

Soccer small.png Leeds United Challenge - Just a few years ago, Leed's United were in the champions league semi-finals. Now they find themselves bottom of league 1, with a 15 point deduction. Can you bring back the glory days at Elland Road?

Soccer small.png The Famous East Stirling Challenge - East Stirling are the worst team in the Scottish football league. Your task is to make them either champions of Scotland- or champions of Europe.

Soccer small.png Unemployment Challenge | (2) - Starting without a job, the challenge is completed when you take over at one of the worlds top clubs.

[edit] Other Nations Challenges

Soccer small.png Fm expert

Soccer small.png Big Club Challenge - Travel the world, winning trophies with the biggest clubs around in this challenge in order to complete this challenge.

Soccer small.png Club Competition Challenge - You have 2 years to win the premiership with a team from outside the top 4. But your not limited to England- you can try this challenge in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, or even Scotland!

Soccer small.png France Challenge - Break Lyon's stranglehold on the French title with any team other than Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux

Soccer small.png Levadia FC Challenge - FC Levadia are one of Estonia's biggest clubs, but not many people have heard of them outside of Estonia. Your job is to change all this by winning the champions league with FC Levadia!

Soccer small.png Local Club Challenge - Take over your local club, and take them as far as you can.

Soccer small.png Outside Bucharest - Take a team other than Dinamo, Steaua or Rapid to Romanian league glory.

Soccer small.png Sligo Rovers Challenge - Sligo are an Irish premier division club- you need to win them the Irish title, and then do as much as you can in European competitions.

Soccer small.png Small Nation Challenge - Manage a team ranked lower than 150 in the FIFA world rankings. There is no set goal for this task, just do as well as you can.

Soccer small.png Sudamericano Challenge - Manage one of South America's less glamorous teams, with the aim of winning the Copa America and do as well as possible in the world cup.

Soccer small.png Taking Barcelona back to the Top - The year is 2012. Barcelona are struggling, with an aging team, and Frank Rijkaard having recently been sacked. His replacement is Newcastle's legendary manager, Dylan Williams. You must take the role of William's and try to rebuild the Catalan giants.

[edit] Custom Challenges

Soccer small.png Alphabet Challenge - You must create a team of players whose names start with the same letter as your team's. For example, you could build a Roma team containing Robinho, Rooney, Ramos and Ronaldo!

Soccer small.png Buy The League | (2) - You have the cash so buy any player you want, and buy the league! 2b transfer budget, can you spend it all?

Soccer small.png Guus Hiddink Challenge - Try to emulate the management career of the legendary Dutch manager

Soccer small.png Leeds United - Keep on Winning - Leed's squad has been replaced by a group of world class players, with Messi, Kaka and Buffon amongst those heading to Yorkshire. Your task is simple- win as many matches as possible.

Soccer small.png Players Outside the Big 4 Challenge Hard Mode - In this challenge, you must use the editor to select a squad of players from outside the premiership's "Big 4", and try to overthrow Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. The harder version is a similar version, but with a twist- all players selected must be between the age of 18 and 21.

Soccer small.png Prove Your Talent - 10 different challenges, all with different teams, for you to enjoy.

Soccer small.png Save Your Season - There is a wide selection of saved games for you to choose from, with each game starting at a certain point in the season, and each with a different goal.

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