Axel Witsel

Axel Witsel
Date of Birth12.1.1989 (21 years old)
Place of BirthLiege, Belgium
ClubStandard Liege

[edit] Football Manager 2011

In Football Manager 2011 Axel Witsel is a very talented player with a big future ahead of him. As Arsenal, my scout Francis Cagigao told me that Witsel would be a good signing for most Premier Division sides and he could become a leading Premier Division central midfielder when he was older. Witsel's main strenghts are his Mental Attributes where he has quite advanced ones for someone of his age, he has 16 in Flair for example but he also has decent stats in his technical side with 15 for both his Passing and Technique. To improve I belive Witsel needs to work on his physical attributes and also become stronger in key technicals. Witsel should only cost around £2m which is an amazing bargain for any team but especially mid-table sides because you get a player who is ready to play straight away and with the right training can turn into a top player.

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